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    Hi All,

    Welcome to W A R aka We Are Relentless.

    We are the top tribe in K53 by a very long way.

    Here are some of our requirements for membership into our awesome tribe.

    Active players only, experienced players only, no semi active players, no weekend warriors.
    Open and read all council mails, reply to those that require you to do so.
    Support both when asked to and when not asked to.
    Build troops 1st always villas 2nd, no mixed villas, no mixed troops ever.
    Attack the targets we give you.

    Spy for anyone we will rim and noble you.

    Agree to our terms and keep to them we can promise you an awesome tribe, great forum, awesome tribe mates, awesome council in place.

    Agree to our terms and break them, you will be rimmed and nobled.

    We are recruiting in K43, K53, K54, K63 and all borders North, South, East and West of Each K.

    If you wish to join us, see our tribe profile page and mail me DRebel for more info.
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