W12 End Phase


[sa]As we all know you guys have been super efficient at dominating w12 and as such 100% has been reached some 3 months before the one year mark.

The recent poll ended yesterday and it the results are as follows:

Sun 20th Jan 2013 - 34
Sun 27th Jan 2013 - 0
Sun 3rd Feb 2013 - 1
Sun 10th Feb 2013 - 0

So, a resounding win for this coming Sunday, the 20th of Jan.

What happens now?

Well, as far as your ingame experience is concerned, nothing!
But this week is when you need to remember to copy anything you might want from your notebooks, start saying your in game and forum goodbyes and all that kind of thing.

The world will end and you will no longer be able to log in at around 22:00 on Sunday 20th January.

The win condition has been removed from the settings in order for us to facilitate the early ending of the world so don't worry about any random mails from the system - the only ones that count are the ones from me!

If however, you get any system reports or mails that concern you please send them to me via a system ticket.

Well done everyone on your dominating efficiency, I look forward to doing the winners announcement![/sa]