W1nge declare on Honey


I quoted it above. Dont try some smartly worded comeback comment saying people were supposed to read between the lines. GO take your DOGS for a walk.

quoted what? I still dont see where I said we gave them 48 hours notice

Im not in Honey

This is a Winge/Honey war thread its not a GO/Honey lovers tiff thread so take it somewhere else
ah my mistake, these players who hide behind different persona's do cause quite a bit of confusion, maybe you should add it to your signature or something so in future people can actually see.... it isn't hard and would would solve a lot of issues.

I was correcting "facts" that certain posters decided in their superiority were true and posted them on here, but it's all quite relevant and good to show the world what actually went on ;)
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Fiction not facts Winge has never approached any of GOs members what so ever


Obviously a little heated this debate, take care making sure your posts fall within the forums guidelines please.



Side 1:
Tribes: W1NGE
Side 2:
Tribes: Honey

Timeframe: 31/08/2011 12:00:00 to 11/09/2011 15:05:49

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 171
Side 2: 3
Difference: 168

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 1,598,554
Side 2: 30,820
Difference: 1,567,734



war is over as they have disbanded.

Final stats

So leaves the big 4 in the world. The very brave folk at GO, the trusting DOGS, Fate and w1nge.

No doubt our spear nukes will be with you shortly!!