W4 General Stats

Jimmy white

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World Stats

Total number of villages: 46401
Total number of occupied villages: 22067
Total number of barbarian villages: 24334
Total number of players: 77
Total number of tribes: 5

Tribe dominance

WZP = 52.7%
=FATE= = 46.18%
Heroes = 0.06%
Lonely = 0.04%
+PEST- = 0.00% (0.0045%)

Continent dominance
(2pts for 1st in a continent, 1pt for 2nd in a continent)​

WZP = 32pts
=FATE= = 25pts​


See what happens is we concentrated fighting each other and took our eyes off of the real threat.

The grey replicating villages.

Who agreed a ceasefire on them again?