- W49 RECRUITMENT - Looking for day 1 players


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For those interested i'm forming a fresh tribe. 'Kingdom of Temeria' or KoT for short. Im looking for experienced tribal players that are interested in having a positive - fresh start on this new world (49). I expect the entire community to act mature as we are all over the age of 18+ and look to have fun & work efficiently within the game.

Personally. I have over a decade of experience within the game, have a very bipartisan leadership style, and i'm dedicated to the game time-wise.

The tribe can offer you.
  • An active dedicated discord for off-topic conversation and everything Tribal Wars
  • Active forums updated daily
  • Competent tribe mates with a general understanding of the game
  • Resource trading within the tribe
  • + More when the world is live

Feel free to pre-register and drop your in game name below for an early invite to secure our location.
UKW49 begins on the 12th of March - Mid morning. Look forward to meeting everyone on release.