WAR is recruiting! k54 (long range hugging just aint the same)

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Thats right ladies and gents War is opening its doors to people not related by blood, but now to people with shared ideologies!

Do you suck at tw?

Do you tire of your tribe asking you to be active or asking you to fire nukes?

Do you like to mass noble barbs to make yourself look good?

Do you consider yourself gods embodiment on tw, whilst seriously lacking in all departments?

Do you have a wierd obsession with dongles?

Well then War could be the tribe for you!

Some requirements:

You must leave your tribe in a traitorous way, betray friends and tribes mates alike.

You must forget any good tribalwars plays you accidentally heard good players talking about.

You must learn how to noble barbs endlessly, player nobles will be punished!

You must become a professional blagger, talk yourself up when others know and have proof of how poor and traitorous you are.

You must donate any scrap metal you "acquire" to the shared premium point fund

Most importantly you must embrace your new way of life!

You should swap boxing for bare knuckle wager matches
You should swap football for dog scraps
You should swap rugby for cockfighting
You should swap your normal diet for constant tinned food and wild rabbit dish's.

Should we appeal to you as a place to park your nooby ass, and should you be able to fulfill our requirements:

please mail one of the following

fruit twist

All new entrants will be given directions to the camp site, we are in caravan slot G, its the 12 man(officially 3) crusty yellow one with the foiled over windows, it can get cold at night as the fire goes out but i think you will find it very cosey, we are a very close family if you get my drift........

Looking forward to reading your applications filled with stories of noobness and betrayal

Tribe name: TRAITORS
Tag: WAR