what is even going on?


in response to the thread below I feel the same :icon_rolleyes:

I have joined late and noticed there is nothing going on! I am also very lazy and need help with the following...

Who is even on this world?? who is even at war? where are PnPs? where are the community? Where are the people that post on the top 20 tribes? where are the flamers and trolls? where are the Americans with the attitude problems? where are the annoying mods? where are the noobs? Where is the attitude? where are the egos? the fail noob ig mails? the banter? the "leets"? Vets? idiots? someone must be out there somewhere? :icon_eek::icon_eek::icon_eek:

The Rover

those annoying mods banished them posting regularly I think :D


Ugh I don't think I've ever seen such a dead forum! :icon_redface: