Whats the most important part of the game..?


I'm bored too, so I'm back for more.:icon_razz:

That about sums it up Gettysburg, but we are arguing over which word is most important in a game where we all agree that just 1 aspect of game play will ever make you good enough to compete. A bit pointless in itself.

I do concede that my post didn't follow a very straight line and could have been clearer Dominus.

Ska I was talking about 1 off situations each time I outlined a scenario hence I called each separate instance tactics. Sometimes I included how it may have related to a particular strategy.
I guess it all comes down to your definition. I was defining each opponent as a separate battle and talking of various tactic for each. If you call the struggle for each village the battles those tactics become part of a stratagem against each individual player. By my definition I think I'm right, by yours, almost certainly wrong.
I think we agree with more points than we disagree but where would the fun be in that.Though this discussion is starting to feel a bit like I'm cutting my fingers, whilst deciding if I am cutting up chips or potato wedges ....

Much easier to disprove is that I always need to be right. :icon_biggrin:Here it is in black and white , I am often wrong!:icon_sad:

Strategy , tactics , think , plan , logic , or even adaptability. Take your pick and I think most will agree that you are probably talking about a word which would make the difference to allow people to compete, at whatever level they are trying to.


Some MAY be more important then one or two but at the end they are all equally important unless you are lucky :D


Easy - activity. You can be a beast at TW but if your not online it means jack!


Yes but can't that be rearranged by coplaying? If so, then an individual player can be not very active, but still be skilled.

Farming- it separates the noobs from the players ('scuse the cliche)