Who Is Spending His Wages on PP?

Will O Baron

I guess most of us pay for the premium features in game, and I've sold some ressies on the exchange for to cover this but who is LukeHeyworth???

Is this an account played by premiership footballers?

Or maybe a lottery winner?

Or possibly a city banker?

Because in their first tribe they spent in excess of 100,000 Premium Points, and it's not stopped since then, only this week taking a 1200pt village to 3000+pt in under 2 hours and today buying 150 mercenaries in this Castle Assault inside the first 5 minutes. A god awful player but rich beyond mere mortals...


Well you know what they say...

"Once you can't pay, we'll take it away"


He's been selling resources since the beginning of PP trades, just waiting for UK28.