Who???? Why????


I will remember DeanPenguin most. Most friendly guy I think I've ever met, he coplays me on several worlds now even. Very talented player, and I feel its a shame he was one of the ones with me to join late. BUT taking his situation into consideration, I would have never met him had it been different. Led us close on the heels of rank 2 in our prime, and gave me the shot I needed to prove and enhance my offensive coordination skills.

Tribe wise, LONG LIVE WINNER. Everybody in WINNER was so great, and I consider it a pleasure to have help led them. No other tribe has ever been so closely honed on the enemy, and ready to follow command, and take up the banner if I was away.

Always fought the odds, and until now, won them. I like to think we left our mark on UK7, but only other tribes and people can confirm.
Oh shucks!!

Rarely post on the externals. I'm no ego-maniac. (There are some in TW you know :icon_wink:)

As normal beaten by RL's and unexplained inactivity.I came to this world as two old acquaintances asked me to join. This was on the proviso that I wasn't council!! Early days of WINNER the guys wanted to fight everyone. I think at one time we were fighting 4 other tribes with combined points 5 times our size and we were still winning each war.The main job of the council was to keep from biting off more than the tribe could chew. Yes we had our share of Noobs. We had some that have thrived and we have some that will always be noobs no matter how many times you say if you need help/advice just ask. These are usually the ones that you get the sit as they are being attacked and you think where do I start? One thing though when I run a tribe I always give everyone a chance irrelevant of experience.

I have never been part of a successful merge yet!!

Some of my best stuff has been while I have been anonymously sitting. This is a fun game though. Nothing more fun than stacking when your opponent is going for what they think is an easy vil. Or sniping or re-capping when you get an account with no more than a few villagers with pitchforks to defend with. One of my favourite mails was from cranness when I was sitting warhero. He had sent multiple nukes and nobles. After I had sniped or re-capped the second train he mailed 'I'm not getting any of these am I?'

Its just a shame that the bigger picture couldn't be seen by some earlier to have made a better fight against KnK. WINNER much to the disgust of some members offered peace to Necros to work together against KnK. I can see it from some other tribes point of view though, if KnK had offered some sort of NAP to us then we would of took it and continued to wipe Necros from the map. However there was plenty of treachery going on and also some thought that cuddling up to KnK was the best option for them. Now nobody is safe from the KnK machine.

Anyway I think I've took this off topic enough. Enjoy the rest of the game guys whether you are KnK or one of the pockets of resistance just trying to give KnK some sport.


Good post dean :)

We could always tell when you were sitting an account... You sitting Eric the Red during one of our mid-game ops is the one that sticks in my memory - the only person to actually deal with it in the right way!


Yup, you deserve great credit for the work you did in Winner Dean (and new guy). Winner by far gave us the biggest challenge on W7 - our guys in the south had to work extremely hard to wear you down.

You are 100% right Dean, you should never have merged with HT/SPQR/Eye Candy - we were most pleased to see that happen ;-). And I also totally agree with Mike, we always knew when you had an account sit lol.


With regard to enemies, in all honesty I have not had many great tussles, people have seemed to wilt under the pressure, so I hope the best is yet to come. Come on guys, give us a fight!

ok havnt had a real tussle yet but have talked to pangela abit lol
so waiting for him to come a knocking as he is getting closer

so many people have come and gone but until someone is faced with loads of attacks and still stands and fight that is theperson i like to be in the tribe with and would also be a pain to get rid of lol

very new to this world but i hope i can give someone a good fight even though im small


Good post dean :)

We could always tell when you were sitting an account... You sitting Eric the Red during one of our mid-game ops is the one that sticks in my memory - the only person to actually deal with it in the right way!

Hey, I was talking to one of your members while sitting a dead member of our! dean had just passed it off to me, we were often swamped in sits, and I continued talking to them :p. I wasnt as good a sniper, but with as many attempts as I had with his clustered villas, it was that or a recap every time :p.


Hmm... this is a tough one for little ole me. I learnt HEAPS on this world from joining TUTOR relatively early on. Mostly I learnt that, frankly, leading a tribe sucks unless everyone is on the same hymn-sheet and has the 'right' attitude. I've learnt (again) from MikeK, Pablo et all what it means to be in a TRIBE - sometimes the definition of that word in the context ot TW goes missing - they've kept it real.

As to the other 2 questions.. really I have no clue - I've loved and loathed everyone I've played with on various worlds (.net and .co.uk) to lesser or more extent. Can I single anyone out? No.

Personalities mean much in game I think - not just skill - finding someone who you can interact with who also delivers is the main thing - anything else I would say on this point would be blather and likely to earn me an infraction :)