Winners of the New Years Limerick

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I'm sorry it took this long, some of the staff had a hard time casting their vote.

Without further ado, here are the winners of the competition!

First place, winning 1400PP and a lvl 8 (purple) flag of your choice:


There was a paladin named Ranter,
who popped next door for some banter.
He had gone for some loot
but was given the boot
so tried going back dressed as Santa.

Second place, winning 900PP and a lvl 7 (cyan) flag of your choice:


After new years-eve I pulled myself from the ground
To farm some juicy hauls, but guess what I found
My troops were still drunk
Laying slotted in a pile of junk
So I went to the bar, and asked for another round

Third place, winning 500PP and a lvl 6 (blue) flag of your choice:

king zebedeespring

You were visited by a scout
But 'twas Christmas and you were out
Eating many mince pies
And drunk with bleary eyes
You eventually passed out

Please contact me to arrange your prizes (ig name and flag type)

Thank you everyone who participated!
You can go read all the other entries in the submission thread.