World 4 Countdown

you do realise when UK4 gets to less then 1K players you still wont get decreased nobles, look at UK3 the world is too small so thye wont do it if they do then i will go on rage mode and well most likely hang myself but hey who cares :icon_cool:


Approaching the 1000 mark, going at quite a speed! Gone down by 10 tribes since last measure :O

1,091 players, 88 tribes, 45,616 villages

I agree we probably won't get any changes when we go below 1000. Doesn't really matter though


Yay! Well done everyone! We are now unique :) just 1 of 1000 :D :p
you are employing a most interesting definition of the word "unique", but i'll go along with the sentiment - congratulations all on the continued deterioration of the world.


It appears numbers have stabilised a bit with this. Then again if you count inactives the number would be a lot smaller!

982 players, 88 tribes, 46,057 villages


Lost another 100 players in quite a short amount of time. This give us the 2nd lowest number of players :O

886 players, 84 tribes, 46,209 villages

Jimmy white

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We've lost over 550 players, and the number of tribes has dropped by almost 2/3!

329 players
46,401 villages
29 tribes


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Weve lost 197 players and 19 tribes :icon_cry:

132 players
46.401 villages
10 tribes


world is closed so no new players or barbs would get added hence the amount of villages would stay the same