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If anyone would like to be interviewed/volunteer someone else to be interviewed either pm me here, or mail SilkGPN or J3east ingame.

J3east: Hi Zider, thanks for letting us interview you :) First off, the classic question: How long have you been playing tribalwars for?

Zider: Only 2 years or so. This is only the second world Ive played seriously and I had a break in between

J3east: What was the other world? Any noteable achievements on it?

Zider: It was W43 on net. I ended up co-leading a medium size tribe. Not sure how everyone is doing over there as I've lost touch. We did nothing earth shattering but won some wars

Matt (Rc): Well, World 5 has clearly played out differently for you, given you are now leading the rank 1 tribe. What would you say has been the biggest challenge your tribe has faced in its time on this world?

Zider: That's easy. Going to war with the best tribe on the world by streaks. That's what Hmmm? have been for most of the war.

Matt (Rc): Ah yes, the biggest war on World 5. What would you say were the most influential events during that war, or that were caused by that war, in relation to your tribe?

Zider: The main events were those that increased our ability to stand fast in the face of a superior enemy. I'd say the mergers of Tophat and CHOP!! were extremely important. We gained good members who helped some of ours improve but best of all a camaradery that has always carried us through.
Zider: In terms of other events, The alliance with CRUZ and ALO was most crucial in helping to turn the war around. Not that Hmmm? are beaten by any stretch although some people are falling into that trap it seems ;)

J3east: Judging by your ODA [ODA rank 11 / Points rank 21], i'm assuming you've attacked, and been attacked by, more than a fair few players. Are there any players you've played against that have impressed you?

Zider: I have indeed and many have impressed in various ways

J3east: Any player(s) in particular?

Zider: Matt knows that I consider him and Gav to be the best defensive players Ive ever seen in my limited time on TW
Zider: Serpico impressed me defensively too. He could put in a decent snipe plus he just wouldn't lie down even when dead lol
Zider: Offensively Ive liked your style J3east - short and long range relentless assaults :)
Zider: Ive seen Ruffus and loxian do that too
Zider: In my own tribe I'd have to single out LordRal, lordcarr and Veni Vidi Vici
Zider: From CRUZ I admire True Warrior - very aggressive and Taylor2734 has impressed me from ALO
Zider: Hosea is another player who impressed me immensely offensively and Shiv did too both as an attacker and a defender

Matt (Rc): I'm very honoured that think so highly of me and my coplayer, thank you for that.

Zider: You earned it mate :)

Matt (Rc): Without giving too much away, is there anything special on the horizon for your tribe, something big to look forward to?

Zider: I think we're entering a new phase in the game. All the top 6 tribes are still well and truly alive and kicking despite the differing fortunes in the war. New political/military tensions are mounting in new areas. I would be very surprised if there weren't some significant developments soon. There will be something special on the horizon for CHOKE! I'm sure as we always seem to be in the thick of it. Not sure what it will be yet though ;)

Matt (Rc): How tantalizing. I am sure it will not disappoint when the time to reveal all arrives :)

Zider: I just thing there will be some pacts/mergers that may change the W5 picture before long

Matt (Rc): Care to speculate on any, or would you rather not go into detail?

Zider: I think something may happen between JOKE and EWaR. There is tension between those tribes and us at the moment, it's no secret. I'm also trying to put myself in the shoes of the active Hmmm? members. What would I do in what is not an irredeemable position by any means? Beyond internalling like crazy that is. Which we all are with cheaper nobles.
Zider: Its a shame so many good players have left.

Matt (Rc): Hmmm? is in a difficult position, you are indeed right there. How important would you say the war against them is, in terms of the future of World 5? Is it essential for shaping of said future, or do you believe it will soon become a minor attraction on the stage that is World 5?

Zider: I think that Hmmm? still have an important part to play still. They still have monster players that will not be easy to dislodge. The danger for the CHOKE!/CRUZ/ALO alliance is that it fails to finish the job. I would never discount the potential for Hmmm?, or a new tribe with the Hmmm? players included, to have a major say W5's future

J3east: Mhmm, i'd have to agree with you there - we wont be going out without a fight :). Finally to wrap up the interview, if the top 6 tribes dropped all diplomacy and had a straight up 6-way free for all: Who would come out on top?

Zider: Love that question :)
Zider: I think, geographically, EWaR and JOKE would be at a disadvantage. CHOKE! always has had a lot of deadwood yet to be filtered out but somehow we manage a strength of purpose that sees us through. I think the most poignant aspect of that scenario is that all tribes would have their better players on the frontline pretty much so it would be a fascinating prospect :)

Matt (Rc): So would you say CHOKE! has the best chance of coming out on top in such a scenario?

Zider: Yes ;')
Zider: I think ALO would be a close second though.

J3east: Thanks for letting us interview you Zider, appreciate it :)

Matt (Rc): Pleasure talking to you Zider

Zider: Yeh you 2 :D

Hereeeeeeeeeeeeeees..... Ruffus

J3east: Hi Ruffus, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed by us :) For those new to the forums, or unfamiliar with your previous experience: Could you tell us how long you've been playing tribalwars for and what tribes you've lead?

Ruffus: lol you got the time lol
Ruffus: Started on uk1
Ruffus: my first world
Ruffus: Got to 2 villages then was rimmed by Ady1 one of the best players I've ever seen
Ruffus: restarted on there got to 20 villages and then quit to start my own tribe on W3
Ruffus: MetalHead were rank 3/4 most of the world until I quit again for w4
Ruffus: 404 was my tribe on there
Ruffus: learnt a hard lesson on there about spies and the like
Ruffus: W5 Hmmm? we all know about us on here
Ruffus: W6 messed around for a bit but quit after 20 villages
Ruffus: W7 Started Gold
Ruffus: Had Hammer/Chip as co duke But I quit that world too lol
Ruffus: W8 started iPod again quit that and started on w10
Ruffus: Binary Code doing ok on there
Ruffus: Most tribes I've started have had good players and because of this have been top 3 most of the time

Matt (Rc): Quite a résumé you have there, I must say

J3east: If you can remember as far back (I certainly cant) - How was Hmmm? founded?

Ruffus: Started out with a few peeps I new from other worlds
Ruffus: But with things going on like they have we got to the number one spot and stayed there for some time

Matt (Rc): What would you say has been the greatest challenge Hmmm? has faced in its time on this world?

Ruffus: The greatest challenge has been having members that are loyal to Hmmm?
Ruffus: But also keeping the members that are still here in the loop and trying to help them grow still and bring the fight to our enemies
Ruffus: Inactivity has been a problem but we are getting though this and we are still fighting
Ruffus: the members we have now I hope are loyal and I would think they are, but things change we all know this in game, I still think things will change but how and when I have no idea

J3east: I've found you to be a bit of a 'marmite character' with players either loving you or hating you. What aspect of your character do you think brings these strong feelings out?

Ruffus: I'm strong minded and know what A tribe should be doing, I feel the ones that don't like me are the ones that either don't think I know what I'm doing or are to lazy to care , the others know and like my playing stile and the way I run my tribes, but saying that I've had so many follow me through each world I must be doing something right! right?

J3east: right (nod)
J3east: Everyone likes a Ruffus tribe

Ruffus: no! everyone likes to fight a Ruffus tribe lol

Matt (Rc): Truer words have never been spoken
Matt (Rc): You seem to fall quite comfortably, and ably, into a leading role within a tribe. Do you think you could go back to being just one of the rank and file in future worlds given this?

Ruffus: good question! I don't know , on w8 I was just a member of Go after the merge lol but still put my opinion to the council, I think I would have to always be the Duke or at least Baron of a tribe to feel in control of that world in some way.

J3east: So we can expect to see more Ruffus tribes in future worlds?

Ruffus: lol I've started a tribe on every UK world to date but things might change in the future
Ruffus: Why? because the game is changing or should I say the players, loyalty and commitment to the game looks to be getting harder for people

J3east: As you've probably seen yourself, the W5 forum is as dead as a doornail. Can we hope to see some Hmmm? PnP at some point in the near future?

Ruffus: No point
Ruffus: We are at war with every tribe
Ruffus: The early days of the world had some great PnP's but Hmmm? PnP's I can't see anymore

J3east: Awh, I've always loved a good PnP :(

Ruffus: ye so do I but with Hmmm? being at war with everyone it would have to come from one of the other tribes

Matt (Rc): From the vast hordes of enemies that Hmmm? has on this world, who has impressed you most out of them?

Ruffus: Honestly? there isn't a tribe that has stood out for me< there all ok tribe don't get me wrong but they haven't done anything to impress me

Matt (Rc): Any specific players who have stood out?

Ruffus: Jenada, for defending against me and Markie for so long great guy and let down badly in my opinion by his tribe
Ruffus: apart from Him I've not had any real attacks to name a player
Ruffus: but I do respect a few I've spoke to
Ruffus: Jessiecat is a crack guy speak to him and have a good laff at whats happening on the world
Ruffus: Blindshopt / Tim another good guy and always respectful

Matt (Rc): I have always found Jessiecat to be a polite and interesting conversationalist.

Ruffus: (nod)

J3east: Often you talk about respect in your posts/on skype, would you change the sometimes heated externals or is that just all part of the game now?

Ruffus: the externals are there to amuse others in different world, most of whats said on them I take no notice of...unless they slate me or my tribe, but thats part of the game peeps say, to me theres a very fine line between what should be classed as offensive and not

Matt (Rc): To finish off, a question regarding something you have called for for a long time - if every tribe on World 5 was to drop all diplomacy with each other, who do you think would come out on top, and who do you reckon would be in severe trouble?

Ruffus: I still believe that even after some have left Hmmm? we would still win this world, but I can't see this happening, I've been saying for months for this to happen, everyone knows that as single tribes they couldn't survive, other wise I think some might have a go at others,
Ruffus: If it did happen we'd win, with either CRUZ or ALO second, CHOKE! being were they are on the map even at the top would get hit from all sides
Ruffus: but I'll add this....
Ruffus: Hmmm? are still the tribe to beat! If we weren't why haven't you started attacking each other lol
Ruffus: Respect to all and lets play fair
Ruffus: In my opinion we are still the tribe to beat, we have 19 ish members and are still growing, we loose some villages but gain others
Ruffus: If all the other tribe were united properly than we'd not have a chance but they aren't from what I can see
Ruffus: They sit there in there alliance and wage war on 1 tribe
Ruffus: Turn the tables on any tribe on this world and I'll give then 4 months tops before they quit or have gone from this world
Ruffus: I think most tribes are getting bored of loosing nukes after sending them 60+ hours the world needs to have a propper world war to continue
Ruffus: anything else guys?

J3east: knew you'd have a good answer to that question Ruffus :)
J3east: Nope, thats all
J3east: Thanks Ruffus, you've been great :)

Ruffus: :)
Ruffus: now to send some nukes at a red dot lol

Taylor is up next - A top player, exceptional defender and inspiring leader:

J3east: Hi Taylor, thanks for allowing Matt and I to interview you :) First off, have you had any prior experience to leading or is this the first tribe that you been in the 'leadership circle' of?

Taylor2730: Not really no, I was co-duke of a tribe in W2 i think it was but did not last long

J3east: Out of curiosity [As I played W2 myself], what tribe was that?

Taylor2730: Haha, not sure what it was called now, it was early on in the world but did not last long

Matt (Rc): Do you remember how ALO were formed? They seem to have been on this world for as long as I can remember, I sure can't remember what started them off.

Taylor2730: No, I started off in Rabdog, then merged into ALO so was already formed

J3east: I remember giving Rabdog a good hinding back in the day (chuckle)

Taylor2730: hey rabdog was a decent tribe, just need a few more good players :)

Matt (Rc): Stay on topic you :p
Matt (Rc): Or we'll look unprofessional :(
Matt (Rc): Guess well just have to find out about the formation of ALO from elsewhere :D. How long were you a member of ALO before you became part of the council?

Taylor2730: It took a while for me to become council, a lot of hard work was put in and a lot of time but was worth it in the end has I enjoy helping the tribe out wherever I can

J3east: I've played against you myself Taylor and I must say - your an exceptional defender. Has there been any other specific players that you've played with or against that have impressed you?

Taylor2730: Thanks
Taylor2730: yeah you when I was on another acc, was impressed with the amount of attacks that you had sent, very aggressive
Taylor2730: SENOJ75 aswell another good attacker
Taylor2730: Anaskelos,Apo/Fizel,Frankiedan,MonsieurMark,Zingy and Gwennie are all good players that are great to work with
Taylor2730: Also think Truewarrior and Zider are impressive players

Matt (Rc): From previous time in CHOKE!, I have to agree that SENOJ75 can be a fun opponent to have.

Taylor2730: Yeah, I found that everytime I had got a villa covered he would come up with more attacks that meant I would have to change how I was defending, again and again and so on, very frustrating

Matt (Rc): Sums him up very well I must say
Matt (Rc): Would you describe yourself as a leader who leads from the front, in the thick of the action, or more one who plans the OPs and provides coordination and defense from behind the frontline?

Taylor2730: I would say I,m an all rounder
Taylor2730: I like the action side
Taylor2730: happy to plan OPs if I have the time
Taylor2730: I just like to get stuck in wherever I can

Matt (Rc): A true team player, something that is unfortunately not seen enough these days
Matt (Rc): What would you say the biggest challenge ALO has faced would be?

Taylor2730: For me I would say the only real challenge we have faced is Hmmm?, apart from that all the tribes we have warred have not been that good (or we were just too good for them), even Cruz when we was at war with them they were I would say pretty poor, but since seeing them against Hmmm? they are a different tribe to back then

Matt (Rc): Does it feel strange working with CRUZ given your past? Is there still any tension between your tribes?

Taylor2730: No I would not say strange, has your enemy can quickly become your ally on this game or vice versa, but tension yeah I would say there is tension, well players from both sides that are not happy but its all part of the game, I think when you have been at war with a tribe then you become allies there will always be players that are not truly happy so the tension is always there, but we seem to get along ok.

J3east: I've seen you post fairly frequently on the W5 externals so you've no doubt noticed how inactive they can be - so my question is: Is there any chance of catching a ALO PnP to spice them up anytime soon?

Taylor2730: Errmm, I would have to say no at the moment, but who knows in the near future maybe, things change quickly in this game and you can never predict what tomorrow will bring
Taylor2730: But yeah forums could do with a nice PnP

J3east: Couldnt agree with you more :)
J3east: And finally, the usual last question: If there was a JOKE vs CRUZ vs CHOKE! vs ALO vs EWaR vs Hmmm? war, who would you think would come out on top/bottom?

Taylor2730: I will have to go with Alo for FTW (might get demoted if I don't)
Taylor2730: in all honesty I don't know, I think it would be between CHOKE!, Hmmm? and ALO with CRUZ close behind
Taylor2730: But I think the big question would be would this ever happen

J3east: Well I certainly hope it does :)

Matt (Rc): Would certainly liven up the place

Taylor2730: Yeah I think it would be fun for all :)

J3east: Well thanks for giving us your time Taylor - you've been a great interview-ee :)

Matt (Rc): It has a been very enjoyable talking with you

Up next is another Hmmm?'er - This time Markie B, Duke of Hmmm?

J3east: Hi Mark, thats for agreeing to let us interview you for the externals :) First of all - Is this your first time leading a major tribe on a world?

Mark Burton: Yes. I ran my first tribe on UK3, but we joined the world 3 months after start date and did not really stand a chance, plus I was a complete noob!

J3east: Was UK3 your first world then? To be honest, i've always imagined that you've been playing tribalwars for years - not sure whats given me that impression

Mark Burton: Yes, UK3 was my first world - started in December 2009. My girlfriend introduced me to TW, she had played .net for a couple of years and thought I would enjoy it. She was right... This is my first attempt at online strategy gaming but I have played a lot of stand-alone strategy gaming.

Matt (Rc): You've been in Hmmm? for considerably longer than myself - what first attracted you to the tribe?

Mark Burton: The fact that Hammer235 was right next door lol - fearsome player - it was either join them or get deleted. But once I joined I realised that this was a tribe with great leadership that was going places, as has been proved I believe. Also, the crazy direction logo helped....

Matt (Rc): The logo has always confused me, I must admit. But a fairly good reason to join I would say, I would not want to be on Hammer's target list!

Mark Burton: Chip is a great player and a really nice guy. It is the main down side of UK5 - we have lost so many good players, not just Hmmm?, but the other tribes too, its a shame.

J3east: This might spark a bit of controversy on the externals but: If all of the top tribes [Including EWaR in its heyday] had their original players, who do you think would be on top today?

Mark Burton: Wow, now that is a question! I would still say Hmmm? because of God Helldog and Hammer235 - but that is in no way disrespectful to others - TOPHAT were small but had great players, EWar were number 1 for quite a while. Difficult to comment on the current tribes as they have merged a lot of others. Why? were frightening at the beginning of the world, seems a long time ago now. I think its probably impossible to answer the question to be honest, as its not just which players are best, its also about which players stick around and dont quit.

Matt (Rc): Tophat were fun, but badly let down by our duke I feel. It would have been nice if things had turned out differently however.
Matt (Rc): What would you say the biggest challenge Hmmm? has faced is, in your time there?

Mark Burton: Has to be the current situation. We lost a lot of big players who quit for RL reasons, leaving too many inactive accounts/villas that we could not take quick enough. Combine that with players leaving to make JOKE! crippled us temporarily. It was just a question of Maths, too many villas, not enough nobles. Coupled with being at war with the entire planet this almost became too much. Ruffus and the rest of the council have shown incredible grit to hold things together and we are now thakfully through this tough period I believe.

J3east: I'd agree with you there, certainly the toughest period I've seen since I came back - especially when JOKE turned on us. As your aware yourself there are two main categories that leaders can fall into, usually either organising ops and defence from the back of the tribe [Leading from the back] or in the thick of it on the border with the enemy [Leading from the front]. Which category do you feel you fall into?

Mark Burton: Hmmm.. difficult question. My ODD would suggest I am defensively-minded but I disagree with that, its just that our enemies seem to have taken a shine to me recently.. I hate to sit on the fence on this one but that is where I feel I am. I love attacking and organising OPS (particularly the Death Galaxy OP which was real fun) but I also feel that defense is just as important. If I am launching attacks and also have incoming then I am a happy man...

J3east: Wish all W5 players had the same mentality :)

Matt (Rc): Yes, there are too few players who play like this, and instead reduce themselves to underhand and immoral tactics

Mark Burton: Get on with the questions Paxman, I've got nukes to launch....

Matt (Rc): If I was paxman I'd be saying "Come on" a lot more
Matt (Rc): On your time on this world, has there been any players you have played with or against that have particularily impressed you?

Mark Burton: Yes, several. The one that sticks in my mind is Jenada. Adrian is a fantastic defensive player - he held both myself and Ruffus up for a couple of months - from memory he was probably a third of our size at the time. Also a genuinely nice guy. Zider, as a leader, for holding that many players together because it isnt easy. I dont really know any of ALO and CRUZ's players that well but both tribes seem well organised and commited. Fropp also springs to mind.. he never gives up.. great team player doing a lot for his tribe.

Matt (Rc): Adrian was an exceptional defender, you're not the first to bring him up as a missed player.

J3east: And finally to wrap it up - which two tribes are you looking forward to seeing go head to head in the future?

Mark Burton: Another difficult one... at first glance one would say CHOKE! because of their size and good leadership but I know I am never quitting and neither are the rest of the council, so I would say.. errr... I have no idea - its a four-way tie at the moment I feel.. no tribe is quitting, the others tribes have just hit our core, which is a concrete wall. Its going to be a long, long process.. But, I have been impressed with CRUZ recently, maybe the dark horse of the pack.

J3east: Good answer, thanks for giving us your time Mark - we know you've been busy with incomings and whatnot. You've been great :)

Matt (Rc): :)

Hope to do the remaining dukes of the top tribes

Post in here if you have any comments - thanks :)
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