World 7 - Global Meet?


The world is drawing to a close...

We've all been playing the world together here for nearly 12 months now.

In KnK, we have had several meet ups, ranging from piss-ups in Northampton, to BBQ's and drinks in Cambridge, and to a certain extent even a stag do in Ireland was dominated by KnK members.

We treat this as a game - but admit its more than that, as for many it is also a social network, and some great friendships have been established over the 2 years+ that we've been playing the game together as a tribe.

We're planning a final World 7 piss up / bbq / gathering / meet (or whatever you wish to call it), and in general the concensus is that we should extend the invite to other W7 members / tribes.

I guess I should also disclaim that the vast majority of us in KnK are between 20 and 50, and we're simply facilitating the organising of a location, date and time. Getting there, safety, legal jargon etc is down to you. I'm certainly not taking responsibility for supervising under 18's in a drinking establishment...

If you are at all interested, mail me in game on W7. My IGN there is: melet, and we can co-ordinate any arrangements.


Despite living in Suffolk, I'm 15 and I think I'd feel a little awkward. (Plus I doubt my parents would approve of me 'going drinking with some friendly people on the internet' :p)


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You wouldn't feel awkward mate. I thought I would at the last meet due to me being the youngest (18), but age didn't affect it at all. We all got on well and had a great time :)


Not much of a player on TW7,but this could catch on.

If there was a drink-fest (non-alcoholic included) which world would win????


not sure about the random pics

but i will defo try and make it again!!!