World 7 - Global Meet?

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he was here for the start of it as i did check up on a few of the old WET


Oh yeah I forgot about that. Might as well send the invites out to half of WZP as they all played on W7 for a while :p


Feel free to bring along your entire family, I know Pangela has on the previous meets :D


The meet up was great! 17 of us at one point, so a good turn out! Photo's are around on forum, but want to ask in the tribe forum before posting any up here

We also had 2 players from outside of KnK join us, which was great!

Cheers to all those that turned up and made it a fantastic day :)


Group pic from our meet at the weekend :) :icon_biggrin:

From left to right:
Matt (1/2 cranness),
Paul (Pangela),
Jamie (Imbatman),
Paul (1/3rd Pogue: playing Pogue Mahone),
Top row: Seamus (1/2 Raspberry),
Bottom Row: Rob (Co-played L3mster on other worlds),
Top row: Rob (1/3rd Pogue: playing bladesmanstan),
Bottom Row: Zoe (Zed / L3mster),
Top Row: Ray (Joe Bloggs, playing 1/2 bbb),
Bottom Row: Sammy (Sammylou),
Top Row: Joe (1/2 alli2106),
Bottom Row: Kiren (1/2 Raspberry),
Top Row: Carl (Bossweasel),
Bottom Row: Phil (phlipster, co-playing 1/2 cranness),
Mike (1/3rd Pogue: playing Melet) (me!),
Peter (Locutas of Borg)