XpRd Declared On Nation


Yes I went there for support, help was nations sister tribe, that's partly what they were for lol.

If you think that's wrong your clearly stupid. Just saying


im going to say is whe the final war comes we will see how good you are when there is no-were to run to and know nobish tribes to let you a refugee in

Erm no nobish tribes? Does that mean xprd are nobish as they asked me to join?


when i first started my tw career it was tabboo to recruit then enemy, and naturally any tribe taking on a player whom was at war was naturally a refugee, and most tribes obliged to kick (unless already part of, or due to be part of said war anyway)

that was a long time ago and now we see tribes recruiting enemies, tribes recruiting refugee's and no one bats a eye lid.

sure theirs strategy behind doing so, but this trend is further proof that people are not confident in thier tribes ability and feel the need to recruit and lock in points.

why did tmn and owned share a k at the start?
why did WG at rank 1 play in thier k and not do much south or west
why did firm merge in wg after coming ahead on the stats?
why did WC/LR/n others all merge and do nothing with thier new found size in nation?
why did firm become a family tribe after beating down on tmn?

see any hidden link?
why are we playing recruit/merge/barb/diplo wars and shying away from as much war as possible.
i personally dont see it as the best strategy to win, these things slow people down create boredom and instability and do not create a solid world winning team. but even if they did, is the cost of winning worth not having a proper scuffle?

perhaps im too old school, but back when i started where you pick your team and either win or lose, players like im2x3 and various others would long since of been nobled out.

In answer to your question, xprd is probably the least noobish, they have recruited enemies, have used diplo, albeit not as much as most, yet they start a war they finish it, they may recruit some of their top fighters, still not ideal but ok, but they dont do some inter tribe super merge then huddle together, infact xprd came about by killing off a few nooby tribes, and since then have took on less members than most, have eaten less barbs than most, have had less diplo than most and just look at the difference in war stats.

even with firm at their peak with rank 1 and rank 2 to their family, i would of backed xprd to take them out.

So in essence im2x3, your a refugee, whom old schoolers consider you a noob who got beat and ran, are criticizing the least nooby w13 tribe, thats not a criticism, i appreciate the game has changed, but from my perspective of how things should revert to back to in tw's golden era, i think your wrong ;)


I didn't get beat and run lol I'm still getting attacked... I just joined a tribe with a leader. Serinous was the only duke therefore members of nation could do nothing else but to move to different tribes. Why I'm getting all this criticism for doing the same as everyone else is beyond me.

Il just stop commenting here as I clearly can't talk without getting slated constantly. AND YOU ALL WONDER WHY EXTERNALS ARE DEAD!


Lol, im the biggest contributer to the w13 forums by a clear mile, n you say im killing forums lol :D

you know i dont have a problem with you, we got along in pm just fine, just i have opinions you have yours. its ok to disagree

You know the best way to shut all critics up??

You need to be able to give this answer and you can shut down anyone.

When iso robbie says, you dodged our 1 on 1 and run to tribes
When sb007ck says you have jumped form tribe to tribe since the start
When i agree with the above and also criticize your old tribe, your new tribe and the way you play the game via barbs etc etc.

When you out play us, and can say,

Yea i eat barbs, but i and/or my tribe rimmed you
Yea i jump tribes cause im scared, then i and/or my tribe rimmed you
Yea i dodged a 1 on 1 offer, but played as a team and me and/or my tribe rimmed you.

If your so flustered about the criticisms, and don't have answers that satisfy your critics, let your game do the talking.
and people can mouth off all they like, if you got that solid, well who is still here you can shut up in a heart beat 90% of all ya critics.

I think your a nice enough guy, proly better than average but nowt special, i think you and might i add too many players dont show enough loyalty or fight for their tribe and hop from 1 to another to try win, i also think after being game for a 1v1 not going for it does show some frailty.
Your right is to disagree and youve got the right to criticize whoever you want, but if all else fails or your not the sort to try win a battle of minds, then just rim every one and make whatever tribe you end up in win w13, then no one can say nowt mate and ill happily take my hat off and admit you evidently did a lot of things right, sound fair?

N don't leave externals, ill cry 1000 tears for every day your not around :icon_cry: srsly
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Lol ok il stay just for you ;)

As I said I don't think I'm anything special, I'm far from special. Nobody in this game is special, it is a tribe game and no individual is good enough without a tribe backing him/her.

And FYI I accepted a 1v1 then later declined because its a pointless task and proves nothing. I've said I would be happy to start a new world or speed and 1v1 him as that would be fair and not pointless.

And jumping to family tribes is part of the game, nothing wrong with it. End of :)