XpRd declares on WC :)

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Well this made me laugh lol, 1st tribe in the world declares on a retired tribe for recruiting me (a retired player).

Maybe xprd declared to make there easily got war stats even easier...

Or Everyone is ISO Robbies bitch :p


your still a refugee no mater how you put it we give them the chance to kick you but still they refused if they can except a refugee or what ever you call your self then them can except the consensuses.


A refugee is a person seeking help and shelter from a tribe there getting attacked from. I have refused help and I'm only in the tribe to quit with old friends. I have no interest in this world anymore hence why I haven't defended any of my villages.


Isn't that a contradiction if you had no interest then wouldn't you not care what xprd are doing and not still be posting on the forum about it the fact that you still post reply's means you read the forums which in turn shows you are interested


wc says its a tribe for retired players so why are players still playing then


I like posting on forums, and I'm interested in the game but no longer interested in progressing on world 13 hence why I joined a retirement tribe, I wanted to join back up with old friends rather than staying tribe less to get rimmed.

Also if I was a refugee and wanted to carry on this world why am I giving villages away and not protecting them...


Lol, "semi retired" just here to have fun, have a lot of friends on this world but RL has meant i cannot run a tribe to the level that i would like to.

And to clear things up ISO told us to dismiss im2x or else, i said we would not support him and that he was just here to spend time with his friends before he leaves the game. Iso clearly felt this was enough to declare war, which is cool.. bring it on. We have lost 11 vills in the last few days and we will probably go 1 7x7 closer to the rim should we get rimmed that is

ISo also said that the only reason we were here is because he let us and he was not going to agree to an nap if we got rid of im2x, so could not see the value to it.

mycool Jan 08,2013 20:57
Just had to laugh at the "War Decleration".
As some of you may know we are "semi retired" here. Taking in the "refugee" meant a friend who did right by me in the original [ally]WC :)[/ally] had a place to spend his retirement, with friends.
So it once again proves that people take this game a little too seriously.
"You may take our villages, but you will never take our freedom or loyalty to our pals"!
Anyway, enjoy your time here. There are some here not quite ready to retire who i will try and shift on to another tribe so they can continue to grow and I look forward to nothing much changing ;)
ISO-ROBBIE Jan 08,2013 21:20
i love that gay speech mate your tribe have no freedon unless we let them
mycool Jan 08,2013 21:26
lol, ok tough guy

Can someone please help this guy feel the warmth of love and friendship, his heart is in the right place and despite an addiction to computer games he has a lot of love to give



Would be a good idea!

Guys in HELP!, got an idea! :D lets move our internals into a tribe, declare on them and then noble wooOO oooOoOoOoooOOoo


With all the posing and bad language, people may have forgotten the point of the thread

Side 1:
Tribes: XpRd
Side 2:
Tribes: WC :)

Timeframe: Last 48 hours

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 43
Side 2: 1
Difference: 42


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 395,420
Side 2: 4,900
Difference: 390,520



If conquers are conquers why did I get slated for internalling friends that requested I did and took barbs....


I've cleaned the thread up of the offtopic/insulting/ baiting posts. If you have I have removed something of relevance please mail me.