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Hi all,

I'm the forum moderator for this world. I'm really hoping we can try to liven up these forums a bit. However I just ask that you follow the rules so that my jobs easier!

Bit about me:

I love all things tribalwars and have played (obsessively) for more years than I dare admit to anyone in that crazy place known as the real world.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, painting, gardening ...anything creative really

Pet hates: Loud chewing, cotton wool, family tribes.

Back to business:

Should you need to refresh yourself on the rules they can be found here >>>FORUM RULES<<<

Some guidance as to what I will and will not allow:

Question: Is the use of the words shit/crap allowed?

Answer: Whilst not the politest terms I will allow these words to pass as long as they are not used to insult other people.

Question: What about "asshole/arsehole/bitch/bastard"?

Answer: These are most definitely insults and will not be allowed. If you are unsure on any word's suitability consider whether you would call your grandmother that word or a young child. This forum is for people of all ages and you have no idea who is really behind each account so please be respectful to all.

Question: Is the f-word allowed at all?

: No, not in any form. You cannot quote it, use an acronym containing it, post an image showing the word or star out several letters to disguise it.

Not Allowed: Wtf, lmfao, milf, f'ing, feck, fubar, frick, and anything else that is clearly meant to be read as the f-word.

Question: What are the rules for posting pictures?

Answer: It is allowed to post pictures and graphics without any comment as long as they obviously belong to the topic of the thread and don’t violate any rules regarding the content. Pictures are restricted to a maximum size of 700×700 pixels. If you're unsure how big a picture is, you should check the image properties by right-clicking it and looking for the size. If you are still unsure then please put it in a spoiler to be safe. Don't forget any profanity rules still apply when posting pictures.

Question: What are the signature rules?

Animated images are not allowed. Avatars and signatures have to follow all rules regarding manners, language and appropriate contents. A signature may contain 6 lines of text or one quote (up to 4 lines) in standard text size. The maximum size of graphical signatures is 700×120 pixels. For every 20 pixels less than 120 pixels you may add one line of text, but no quotes. Empty lines are counting as line of text, too. Spoilers are not allowed in signatures.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to drop me a pm.


Do you wear clothing made out of cotton wool Ultra Violet?


Loving this, these SLAP members acting like the teacher's pet. Your noses must be a bit brown.


Well this is a different welcome to a normal world.
I'm hoping we can make these forums more exciting than 'normal'. The art of politics and propaganda needs to be brought back to the game!

Do you wear clothing made out of cotton wool Ultra Violet?
Makes me itch thinking about it!

Loving this, these SLAP members acting like the teacher's pet. Your noses must be a bit brown.
Come on Brutal what possible gain is there in sucking up to a lowly forum mod?! Stop being a grump and give me some love too!!! :p

Marcus the Mad

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Now you've had your little go at each other with the slap things, go discuss them in the appropriate thread. This is not that thread.


It was just banter. This world is going to be a spicy one despite how small it is. Forum mod gonna have to be on point ;)