Your TW footie team


So here I sit at work blocked from going on TW and indulging in my dirty little secret. Somehow I can still get on to the forum though, so if I can't play, I'll amuse myself on here instead.

Pick your best team. You can have 15 players in all, not including yourself. Goalie, defence, mid field, attack, a manager and 3 subs and you have to include players from all 5 of the tribes in this world.


Name: SLAP! FC
Going for a 4-4-2 formation here ;)

Manager: Anaskelos

Keeper: Taylor2730 - I suppose sniping is like saving and hes no bad at it

Defenders: Gav + Matt for the centre backs, as their solid defenders. Gwennie and Blindshot for the other two i suppose (Basing it on their ODD really)

Midfielders: Ibillis, Myself, True Warrior + loxian

Strikers: Ruffus and Markie, couldnt fault them

Subs: ukalex08 (official waterboy ;)), Zider and lloyd123

Whats your Gwennie?


Name: Nuke Em United
Going 4-4-2

Manager: Fropp - Could lead any team to victory :)

Keeper: Whitewolf. Not a lot gets past him.

Defenders: SilkGPN, Lloyd123, Gwennie and Zingy. Like too see you get past this defense.

Midfielders: Anaskelos, True warrior, Zider and Apotheosis. All strong,solid players.

Strikers: Ibilis111 and J3east. When these hit there targets its game over.

Subs: Blindshot, Loxian and MonsieurMark. Can change the game in an instant.


I'm going to mix it up a bit here,

Formation: 4-2-3-1 (deep)

Manager: Veni Vidi Vici - A good, solid tactician, knows what's needed at a half time teamtalk

Goalkeeper: Zider - Always reliable upon to make a save for you if ever you need one

Defenders: SilkGNP, whitewolf2571, Blindshot and of course Gwennie - a mixture or perfectly timed tackles (snipes) and some out and out rocks at the back (gwennie)

Defensive Midfielders: Splodger and lloyd123 - an odd choice but splodger always hit back after you attacked him even when all his troops were almost wiped out, so a good tenacious defensive midfielder.

Offensive Midfielders: Ibilis111, Ruffus and J3east - 3 big offensive players who can hold my team together

Striker: True Warrior - My complete forward, from the tactics to the final goal (nobles), he is a beast

Subs: The Cabbie, Markie B and Taylor2730 - For motivation and pure impact

Saif al-Islam

Name: Total Tribal Wars FC

Manager: Blindshot - Terrific tactician and exceptional motivator.

Goalkeeper: silkGPN - Nothing gets past this account.

Defenders: Zingy, Whitewolf2571, Markie B - Strong stoppers, but with the ability to come forward and support the attacks as well.

Midfielders: Jessiecat, Zider, Apotheosis, Celticbhoy34 - Skillful and supportive players, who each provide an added edge to anything they are involved in, be it moving forward in attack or helping to shore up the defense.

Attackers: True Warrior, Ruffus, J3east - Nothing can stop a combination of these three. Not only strong, but crafty as well.

Subs: Kevinsudd, Astroglide2000, Templar. - Can fit into many roles, and all useful players to have with you.

Formation: 3-4-3 - Time for total football.


Zingy ------- Whitewolf ------- Markie

------------- Celticbhoy -------------
Jessie --------------------------- Zider
---------------- Apo ----------------

True --------- Ruffus ----------- J3east


Mincing Marauders

Manager: Zider

Goalie: Whitewolf

Defence: Zingy, NML232009, Markie B and SilkGPN

Midfield: Ruffus, Ibillis and Celticbhoy34

Strike force: Loxian1, J3east and Taylor2730

Subs: TrUe WaRrIoR, Anaskelos and Fropp


Zider - doing well to keep control of Choke

taylor2730 - won't let you down

Defenders: (going by ODD and reputation)
Markie B

Midfielders: (good all-rounders)
The Cabbie
TrUe WaRrIoR

Strikers: (points and ODA speak for themselves)

The Spectre


I donlt really "get" roundball but this would maybe be more interesting if you made two teams to go head to head and gave a score?!

Just my thoughts as if you going to make me read about roundball might as well entertain me!


I would like to see a charity week where the best players here play against the moderators. A bit like paintball where there is a lot of paint and blood shed. Now that would be entertainment!!