ZEN...Where are you?

Iona Dream

Well, that was an interesting surprise when I logged on a couple of hours ago...Zen (Which I doubt almost everyone who reads the forums will ever have heard of) has been disbanded...There were rumours of a 'merge' into 42 for a few days previously, but little in the way of actual solid information coming from the duke's direction. So, earlier today, without any warning, the tribe was disbanded; mails to the ex-duke are left unread; and no-one really seems to know what's going to happen.

ZEN was ranked 8 in Continent 54, and in the top 50 in the world. Not a huge tribe, and chances are a lot of people might not care what happens to it: however, I thought it would be useful for someone to keep the UK7 world updated on the goings-on in the various tribes around. ZEN was not a large tribe, but it was definitely not one of the smallest, and there are a lot of players left wondering quite what the reasoning behind the sudden disbanding was. I've made this forum for one more reason; to give the ex-players of ZEN somewhere to talk it over, and try and come up with some plausible (albeit unsatisfactory) explanation.

Iona Dream

Explanation incoming.

Turtlecat (Ex-Duke) said:
This account has been filed for deletion on 13/01/2011 @ 20:26

Dirty rats, just suiciding my troops, you were the unlucky target! ;)

The inbox will not be looked at, so there is no point in sending a message to ask why I disbanded the tribe.

I am not active on this world anymore.

42 and wellys daddy, thanks for the interest, but I cannot leave new friends behind, I am not that cruel.

Razorhurst, you destroyed the tribe, get more experience before taking on such a role again, and don't get so big-headed when you are given any form of authority or power.



he did give me some od and set my farming bk a little but all in the name of the game i guess