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    Default 'Backtiming' Calculator?

    Apologise if this is somewhere else on the forum but I haven't been able to find it.

    Often I know the time that I have to arrive at a village eg tomorrow at 16:10:15 pm, but struggle to 'backtime' (if thats the correct term) ie...if I have to be there at that time , so at what time do I have to send eg. my paladin (which takes 20:17:33) to arrive exactly at 16:10:15 ?

    So, effectively I need a tool that will subtract 20hrs:17mins:33sec from 16:10:15pm the following day. I've tried to work a formula out with excel but have failed miserably ha ha ha

    Is there a tool out there to calculate this?

    I guess it would also make sniping that much easier for me also
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    found something on the net but a script would be cool if anyone knows one

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    The attack planner on TW Stats does all the hard work for you.
    aka Fropp

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    Great. Thank You

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