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Did any one notice that a big player can attack a small player that cant attack him back.
if you change the rule to so that a player can attack 20% below himself and 25% above then the problem will be solved.
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I see there was a change recommended so that some tribe can win this casual world eventually.

If you want to change the attack percentages then do that so that you can go and bully the players that are smaller then you.

They say the changes were discussed with the players but I never received any form of communication to ask about it. I have to dispute the correctness of the statement. It was probably discussed with the players that are playing as co-owned profiles and want the opportunity to swallow more of the inactive players before the villages go barb.

It a shame that anyone wants to win this world. I would rather disband a tribe than be known as the winner of a casual world. Great respect to the serious boys, but really... go get serious on a real world.

Shame on the ones asking for the change because you can go and bully the players on a competitive world. Why would you even want to win a casual non competitive world. Everyone has played this world without even thinking of a win condition and now to suit yourselves you want the world to end so that you can feel pride in wiping out the guys that are here simply to have fun. That's why we were invited to play here in the first place.

The world was set to eventually be won by a player not a tribe. We were invited to play on this casual world and now you want to change the settings so you can come and beat us up and feel proud. Great going boys... thanks for sharing the fun with us and then wanting to kill us so that you can feel mighty after years of fun.

You ask for the settings to be changed so that a tribe can be a winner. If you want to waste your time then why not go do it on a normal world as a pre-made tribe? Why would anyone want to rape the small players that are plodding along quite happily on the casual world. If a looser is prepared to keep playing for the fun of it then so it should be.

I was having fun and never felt like I wanted to win.... but now why should I be victimised because someone wants me to feel like a looser?

Its a silly notion and needs to be addressed or stop telling players that they can join a casual world where they can play for fun without the pressure of a normal game world. Warn them that the settings will be changed in future and then they will be required to play a normal world or die. It just sounds silly doesn't it?