Any one need a co ?

Discussion in 'UK 4 - Recruitment & Applying to tribes.' started by StayAlive, Sep 28, 2010.

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  1. StayAlive

    StayAlive Guest

    Hi 'm Jeroen,
    My exp:
    ON NL​

    Started on W2 Battum The Best.
    To hit 13 million and then stopped due to school.
    Then there began Liebregts W15 2m taken every day 100 clears on my acc.
    Long stopped but it was ever an end.
    Beautiful 5th ODD left over.
    Then I've also played on Gerasimos W15 * Astra stopped in the meantime
    I also have to: PIMP, RRGait, 13Lad3r and Sebastian Valmont played.
    Now I play w10 NarRr,w18 Xinram Ocmer,w19 Che Guerva
    And there it goes good:)