Best player?


the title of the thread and the question inside the thread are completely different questions:

Thread title - Best Player? - Well at them moment the best player on the world in my opinion is nauz, statistically he is the best as im sure he has had most rank1s overall on all worlds but he is trying a new startup technique so may not do very good on this world but is still the best player.

thread question - who do you think will win this world? - i think no one who is playing the world at this moment in time will win the world as accounts will get passed around people will quit and by the end of the world, and it is also impossible to say who will win the world form this ealy on maybe in a years time or abit less but not when the world opens


I'd agree with above - need atleast a year before you can start even properly laying down makers as to who are the movers and shakers...

Death Lurks

The top start up players that I'm aware of are Luke Holmes, Abdo, Nauz, cory/AP, Myself, .J0sh an maybe luca/adellion
Best Speed player would have to be speed*Kyle