Blue's appraisal of uk15


Hello one and all, and welcome to Blue's appraisal of uk15. Its been over a month now since i moved onto the greener pastures of .net w67 (even though my rank there is worse than it was here). Alot has changed since i moved on, so i have updated myself and will post my views, as well as the hard facts.

This world is an internal fest. Simple as that, It is the worst world for merging yourselves up the ranks ive ever seen. Despite this, there has been some good play all over the map. I will begin with an analysis of the top few tribes, and move to a more general overview.



This tribe was the first 'world super-power'. They grew quickly through startup, and have been rank1 in their k since day one. The players involved have mostly played worlds together, and came into the world as a premade. Because of this, they all know each other well, and can work effectively because of it. They did have some issues with leadership early on, but managed to keep that out of the public eye.

They are still the rank1 tribe after fighting for it with one or two others at different times. Since making their start in the North West, they have recruited some members further south, giving them greater scope for expansion. This has created a future front line with Soon, but for now it seems as though Lazy? are content eating their way through the food in their main two continents.

Internals (% of total conquers) = 23.3%
Barbs (% of total conquers) = 6%

Large amount of internals there, but that is usual for this world. The % of barb is good, though a benchmark of around 5% is average for this stage of the game (it would go up as the world progresses).

The tribe have a nice spread, and the large amount of internals and mergers has allowed them to get all of their accounts looking active. I would expect them o continue their growth and begin to stretch their lead out. Providing the play their cards right, stay active, and avoid foolish wars, they are the best candidates to win the world. Soon


This tribe started off as rebel group from LL. Lego Lords started life as a premade led by people i dont know. However, they made a couple of additions to its council whom i do know, both being wise additions and only strengthening their position. They began to dominate their k when a few ego's began to get in the way. They eventually fell apart due to a number of reasons; disliked leadership, disputes with members etc. A number of the larger players reformed as Soon. They warred LL immediately and showed potential by easily taking them apart.

I cant say a huge amount about their current situation but they do appear to have some strong assets. Im informed they have a good, active player base, so they should do well. They have also demonstrated they are willing to co-operate in their take-down of the Mancunia account. Soon have a top spread with all members having room to grow.

Its is likely that the will be looking to move back, toward the rim and east. Their diplomacy and border agreement with HUGS prevent them from moving north and sets them up to move round the map to eventually war Lazy? This is assuming that they have good relations with HUGS and the diplomacy lasts.

Their member list shows rather stagnat growth, and this is reflected by the gap now between rank 1 and 2. This could prove dangerous for them, no top tribe can afford to carry dead weight.

Internals (% of total conquers) = 14.7%
Barbs (% of total conquers) = 7.8%

The internal percentage is more promising that the rank 1 tribe, it shows that they have a more reliable player base as less have quit. This could give them the edge over other tribes on the world. The amount of barb conquers are a bit concerning as all members have room to grow. I think the leadership need to crack down on this ASAP.

Soon do show alot of promise however, they are the no1 tribe in war stats, with a fabulous ratio of 17.2 in their favor. This tribe can clearly do serious damage. To win this world i fell Soon will need to pick up some more talent, possibly from the north if things in HUGS go awry. As it stands, they will be around for a long time yet, but i fell they would not prevail in an outright conflict with Lazy?


This tribe have had a rather rocky history to say the least. The majority of players started off random tribes across the K. Lag. was the original rank1 tribe in this k but dint achieve domination. Many believed it to have slightly sub-par leadership, and a new duke took control. They merged with the rank 2 tribe in the K, and began to take control. They continued to recruit and developed a strong player base. Problems started as they became involved in the first war of uk15. They were against 6 other tribes, and did well to not loose many villas. They then had disputes with a few accounts and the duke began losing activity. The fall out from this was the creation of HUGS, and some joining Nyan! and then Lazy? They have now become solid under leadership of the Tedd66 account.

Looking at it, the tribe has a nice spread over their k. They have diplomacy with Soon and a border agreement, blocking their route south. In addition, they have lazy to their west. Their nobling options are therefore restricted, and it is evident that some are becoming boxed in, and being forced into mergers. Noticeably the Dispise account, who has had to merge to create spcae and maintain rank. Unless some more options are given, i can see unrest being caused.

Their duke better watch his step as well, he has been banned once, and it would not be good for him to vannish off the world, and leaver his tribe leaderless (again).

Internals (% of total conquers) = 25.5%
Barbs (% of total conquers) = 2.5%

HUGS are doing a good job of keeping their barb nobles in check, i imagine they are running a no-barb policy and the leadership are keeping everyone in line. This also keeps farming good in their respective area, allowing lost troops to be easily replaced. The internal is, however, worrying. They have the most internals in their ranks, meaning they cannot have a very solid player base. In addition to this, looking at player history, they have the least experienced member list. Come a large war, they may come unstuck because of this.

HUGS have not yet been tested, they have not been involved in a war, so a final judgment cannot easily be made. However, it seems that the rest of the world sees them as easy targets as they do have the highest ODD on the world. This is a major issue as they arnt commanding the intimidation factor that others are, and are also loosing alot of def.



These three tribes border each other nicely, however, Lazy? and Soon have the stronger positions.

Lazy? has a tight border with HUGS, but that is mainly made up of Dispise for HUGS, while Lazy? have a combination of players in a position to strike quickly. Similarly, their border s good with Soon, there is distance between them, so time to request support.

Soon have an exceptionally tight border with HUGS, with many players have 'frontline' villas. If the diplo breaks down, expect a fiery first week of action.

In my mind, HUGS have the most to be concerned about as they could easily be teamed by Soon and Lazy? They are being obviously squeezed in to their k, and are running out of room to expand into. It is getting to the stage where HUGS will have to consider their position and either drop diplo with Soon, or move on Lazy?

At the top of the player rankings, its one internaller ahead of the rest. The princessp account i understand to be very active as it is, but with the addition of the EmilyTheSuperDuck account, they are a force to be reckoned with. After the demise of Practice makes Perfect and Mancunia, the dispise account has taken over control of the farming awards. Because of this and the free villas they have been getting, they should have a large stockpile of troops, and should be watched closely by Lazy?

Ill finish with one to watch:
Points: 144.028
Rank: 38
Opponents defeated: 460.474 (71.)
Tribe: Soon
This player/players are exceptional mid-late game. Ive come across them before and have also heard good things about this account. If they are farming actively, and dont make any rash choices, i would expect them to move into the top10 as the world gos on.

This has been Blue's world appraisal, hope you have enjoyed it. Feedback welcome, rep appreciated as always.

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You missed the star Lazy? recruited in the north?


Nice to see stuff like this being done and done well. Tbh, any of the top 3 could win, so I expect a merge to make 40mil of the top 3 and no war, to stay in like with uk :icon_razz:


oopsie, must have not noticed you ;)

And i hope this world is different, we have seen uk14 take na interesting turn, so there is hope for this world yet



Oh and I guess something worth pointing out, HUGS was formed by merging Lag. members with Devils, Temp. etc. but not all of them, just a few, and they continued the Lag. wars going. So Hugs did pretty much kill Temp. through recruitment and nobling, which is valid.

And Temp. are actually dead now, so they are in wars/have had wars. Plus think they are at war with NME too?


hmm, they continued the wars i think, but not officially. I was talking to the HUGS duke earlier, who said they did not merge with Temp. - just recruited kost of them, and some merged into other accounts.

Yes that point is valid that they did manage to end what Lag. started. the remainder of Temp. / Devils mergedd into NME who i believe are still officially at war with Laz?, tho neither side is making progress



Well there was no official merge, that's not what I mean, they just recruited their best, or at least biggest, players.

Yeah NME are still at war with Lazy? and it is still ongoing, though NME have a nice core going now so progress won't be as rapid, but may pick up.

Side 1:*
Tribes: Lazy?
Side 2:*
Tribes: NME

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers:

Side 1: 105
Side 2: 10
Difference: 95

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 7
Side 2: 2
Difference: 5

Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 663,954
Side 2: 50,248
Difference: 613,706

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 54,070
Side 2: 16,400
Difference: 37,670



On Hugs part well Internals pain in the but really lost some really good players :(

War yeah war going to happen some where at some point.

World war should see Lazy and soon take on Hugs.
But this being TW who knows, I have m8s in both Lazy and Soon :(

There TW battle m8s who love a good fight, so I never ask them to spy.
Fact Is never ask anyone to spy, I don't really like spys myself.

I've also seen the net worlds 5 times the size of this one and well internals, 5 times bigger than what on here.
Members leave members merge, some just go.
Just part of life on tw really.

Just like the start of world I help you pre-noble also cleared the village for you.
You never returned the favour but did gift all your village to manc.

I tried saving you on uk14 too, sometime I wonder why I try to help.

But I still love you blue xxx and great write up on the view on the world, that all tribes know already.
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a very interesting read and from what I know fairly accurate.

As with every world, activity will be key and keeping active players is a Duke's juggling act.


a very interesting read and from what I know fairly accurate.

As with every world, activity will be key and keeping active players is a Duke's juggling act.
yep 100% right, some members see work and team play hard and leave.
Some don't some just have rl things, and some seem to have loads going on and join a new world.

Welcome to TW life ;)