Boosting, Is it good or bad?

I am Shifty

I did, yes. Then you got rimmed.

Any response to classic 11? Or can you admit now that I indeed did double you 'whilst you were still playing'.
It's okay mate. Speed is your homeland, this is mine. <3


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You shouldn't have asked that question, he's going to start writing lists again :rolleyes:
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Whats the last world you played Shifty? And as for classic that ain't no real world :D
Wait classic != real world? What's speed then? Is that the beginners tutorial? Must explain why all "pro UK speedrats" seem to get rimmed on Classic.. I guess they have never advanced further than that.


Some top notch reasoning there, you shouldn't talk. Maybe let will. I don't think anyone here has even attempted to talk to your weak flailing of your arms in a tantrum ZeZe :(


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As far as I can tell they were not boosting through early startup - and i doubt they would be bothering to do so now. They're generally good players, and success tends to follow with such people.



So this is where slap came when they got beat off the speed server I was wondering what happened to them lol