Some of you may know and others not but I, Shane am no longer playing the shaneyboycian a/c.

In all honesty I have been off of it for a while now.

Some of you may want reasons. I guess late game got too boring to keep my attention.
I often wondered which I prefered, the hustle bustle of early/mid game or the slow bore of end game. I guess I now know.

I made many friends here and thoroughly enjoyed my time in WZP. I wish both tribes the best of luck but particularly WZP. I hope the player on my account is using it wisely. I wish I could have stayed till end game but in all honesty I couldn't.

For those of you wondering I am playing on W12 but under a new name.

Sir Jermainium

Good luck in RL Shaney, it was great to fight by your side in WZP, some good laughs along the way. If you ever feel the urge to want to say hello, i'll be around and about on a world somewhere :p I am playing Berg on w12 so drop me a mail if you ever want an irritating student to bug you for a bit :)

All the Best,