Calling out "" for a 1v1


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Greetings We have never met before, and you will have to excuse my current name (I can't remember the password or the email I used to register my in-game username) but alas my name is SexySmurf. I have no doubt that you will not have heard of me and will wonder who I am, as well as why I am specifically calling you out. Others will wonder why I've decided to return despite announcing my retirement a few years ago. What could possibly bring back an 11 year old veteran back to a dying game, to specifically call out someone that they don't even know?

Well, the answer is simple: I want someone to compete against, and I have chosen you.

My record playing on Speed is laughable in comparison to the great players who have passed by this server. I have only managed to record a couple of wins during Night Rounds a few years ago, with a few second and third places coming in the way. I have always been a player who has always been decent at supporting others. Most notably my time in SLAP! and helping to a couple of wins before we fell out, for reasons I can't even be bothered to remember.

On the main game I was always known as a co-player and managing to find my way into good tribes despite my skill level never being up to par with the likes of Reduaram, Nauzhror, Purple Predator etc. and I even once managed to find myself co-playing on the ancient wizzydizzy account on .net for a short time. My feats as a solo player were always left to be desired. Suffice to say I don't have a record of being a good player. I've never played in a world winning tribe or held Rank #1 on the main worlds.

But I reckon I'm good enough to slap you in a 1v1, so I'm offering you out.

I'll be playing tonight's round starting at 8pm. I doubt you will be there given the fact I am posting this just before it starts but the benefits of a forum means that you and I can arrange the right round to duke it out.

I don't consider this as me coming out of retirement. I will probably disappear again if my challenge is refused or ignored. Either way I will enjoy tonight's round for the nostalgia.

So, what do you say Bailey? I look forward to your response . . . .


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Bailey 1, SexySmurf 0.

I didn't noble enough that round. Massively rusty. Still destroyed most of your armies though. If your game is barb eating + being a turtle then I can play that game too.

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About barbarian villages and so on...
You had tribe I was almost alone, got many hits from your tribe, so it was a 5v1 challenge instead of 1v1


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Actually I hit Unstoppable first with cats within the first 20 minutes. Him and his teammate teamed me for an hour, then stopped to focus on points. I focused on rebuilding and expanding (why I was slow to expand in the first hour and a half) to which you and Unstoppable begun hitting Flex, which I assisted and defended.

It became Tribalwars essentially but I never OPed you with Flex or other members of Sleep I assure you.

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Flex asked me why not the top 1
I said : y're the top 1 them realized he's not, so yeah. Turtle came next to me so the top prior was wipe him out. :) then I hit unstoppable (you were so far) but -24.8 luck kicked my nuke out.
When you started to attack me, had no time to do anything just took a mass def building, because your attacks were so impressed! (Congrats^^)
I'm a defender anyway so logically I'm rather turtle than a "minigun"/off. But I had to snipe trains during your nukes came on me. I loved it