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Update to version 8.198

Hello everyone,

Our new update will be released on Tuesday February 11th 2020 and it will contain the following additions and changes:

Changes and Improvements

Stockpile Distributor improvements
The Stockpile Distributor has been changed to make deliveries less wasteful!
Using the Stockpile Distributor will now take your villages' free storage into account. It should no longer send more resources than its target village will allow to store.

Village name wrapping is now always activated
On village lists, going forward from the last appearing village will now always wrap around to the first one again.

Improved Transfer information tooltip
The in-game information given before a world transfer has been updated. Instead of a "eligible world", it's now made clear that you can only transfer from
a different world to the same casual world. This should hopefully help players with questions about eligible worlds on world transfer right in the game.

Improved Village name violation warning
The text for receiving a warning because of inappropriate village naming has also been improved. It should now be much clearer that the warning is not necessarily only attributed to one village name, but possibly more than one name.


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