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Update to version 8.201

Hello, Tribals!

Our new update will be released on Tuesday 31st March 2020 and it will contain the following additions and changes:

Changes and Improvements

Mass cancellation of transports
As a new player suggestions, we're adding the option to mass cancel transports.
Similar to the mass cancellation of commands within the command overview, you will now be able to access a similar option on the transport overview. This should help with getting your transports under control!

Flag cooldown changes
Most players know the situation: You set a flag, throw all warnings about the 24 hour limit into the wind and - oops - realize you put the wrong flag up. This might be "only" quite annoying, but might also cost you your village.
We tweaked the flag interface a bit, to make it more clear for everyone!
  • After chosen the flag you want to activate, it will be highlighted on the selection screen and give you the option to activate it or cancel your selection.
  • You can still click on a different flag, and your selected flag will change accordingly.
  • Only if you once again click "activate" - and confirm your choice once more - the flag will be set and can only be changed again after 24 hours. If you already had a flag activated, the new flag will replace it as usual.


If you want to share your feedback with us, you can do so in this thread
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