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Update to version 8.210

Hello, Tribals! Our new update will be released on Tuesday May 12th and it will contain the following additions and changes:

Map Graphics Overhaul

This is a biggie! The graphics of our ingame map will be completely updated. This is not only great news for new and mobile players, also Tribal Wars veterans will be especially happy: The new map graphics are based on our classic Tribal Wars world map - yes, the very first one - but with carefully redrawn and re-rendered graphics!

We've never been quite happy with the last map graphics changes, because it didn't reference the old design well enough, and it always just looked a little bit off. Also, the map has always been a bit outdated when playing on mobile and high resolutions, because the villages were created for much smaller screen sizes. To make the map better, we took our old assets and completely redrew them with high resolution graphics - finally, zooming in will no longer lead to eye sore.

The option to switch map graphics will be removed due to this change. But we are confident that this is a good tradeoff for the map finally looking like it is supposed to - and we are sure you will like it as well!

Mass decommissioning of Noblemen

Yay, it's another often-wished-for community request! We're happy to announce that Nobles can finally be mass-decommissioned!

Going to the Decommision menu, you will find nobles having the same mass-decomm rules than other units now as well. Have fun finally retiring your unneeded Snobs!


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