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Update to version 8.236

Hey everyone,
Our next update will be released onTuesday 23rd February, and with it, we'll be releasing a community change!
Village Notes

In the next release, we will introduce new ways to organize and read your village notes. We found that players had to rely on external scripts in order to keep their notes organized and useful, so we’ve introduced the following improvements in order to help you all keep your notes in order.

  • You will notice on the map page, the underneath the world map is a new link titled “See Village Notes”. When you click this link, you will be taken to a new village notes page that displays all of the villages you currently have notes for.

  • On this page, villages can be sorted alphabetically by village name, or by player name. You will also see a small preview of the note, and by clicking the arrow, you can expand the note entirely in order to read it.
    From here, you may also directly edit a village note and save any changes made. This should make editing multiple notes easier.

  • You will see at the top of the page that you can also navigate to notes shared by players in your tribe, and also notes from your friends. This will allow you to easily jump between all of the notes that you have access to.
  • Finally, you can search your village notes just as you would in other areas of the game, by player name or village name
Use Multiple Resource Packs

Another change in this release is the ability to use multiple resource packs from your inventory at once.

  • Just above the 'Use' button, you'll see a drop down menu which allows you to select how many of the packages you want to use. Select from the list, and then click use.

  • The confirmation screen which appears will now also include the quantity you are going to use with this action.
  • Hopefully, this change will make using items much quicker and convenient for you!


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