Changelog version 8.143


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Update to version 8.143

Dear Community,
Our new update to version 8.143 will be released on Tuesday, October 2nd.
Next to some smaller changes and improvements it is important to know that the free Premium Account and Account Manager rewards are now given out as items.

Changes and Improvements

Point Rewards As Items
On most worlds players are rewarded with a free Premium Account and Account Manager for reaching a certain amount of points. These rewards are now handed out as items and need to be activated from the inventory.

Casual Endgame Screen
Casual worlds now also feature an endgame screen which lists the dates on which the attack block and/or other settings are changed.

Moving Mails
The option to move an ingame message into another folder now only shows up when additional folders have been created.

Paul the Paladin
The first Paladin is now always called Paul by default.


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