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    Update to version 8.152

    Dear Community,
    Our new update to version 8.152 will be released on Tuesday, December 18.
    This version brings some minor bugfixes, a new tutorial quest and changes to the relocation item.

    Changes and Improvements

    Relocation Item
    We simplified the system by which you get the relocation item. Now all players starting on a normal world (which allows for players to choose their starting location) will receive a free relocation item which has to be used within 48 hours. This also applies to invites, restarts and users who join during pre-registration.

    New Tutorial Quest
    As Tribal Wars features several possible endgame conditions we added a short tutorial quest to check out the endgame screen, to get an overview on the conditions required on the world you are playing on.

    Quest Highlights
    In the construction screen the buttons for buildings which are part of an active quest are now being highlighted

    Casual Domination
    The domination endgame triggering on casual worlds now has a 14 days holding period. (This might not apply to casual worlds which started before the update to version 8.152)


    Watchtower Icons
    Renaming a command detected by the Watchtower no longer adds additional "eye" icons to it.

    Tribe Management on Mobile Browser
    We fixed an issue with the checkboxes for managing tribe member permissions on the mobile browser version not showing up.


    If you want to share your feedback with us, you can do so in this thread

    Your Tribal Wars Team