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Update to version 8.165

Dear Community,
Our new update to version 8.165 will be released on Monday, April 8.

The update primarily brings some quality of life improvements as well as community requests. We would also like to mention some additional changes in these patch notes, which were already introduced with a previous update.

Changes and Improvements

Stronghold Attacks
Attacks from a Stronghold now longer have the ratio protection when attacking players with less points. This does not affect valor or other attack protection systems like the beginner protection.

Massive Delivery
The market now has the ability to mass request resources from all your villages to the stronghold.

Aristocracy Control
We adjusted the ingame help to clarify that the stronghold can be constructed by all members of the tribe's aristocracy.

Loyal Filtering
Loyalty can now be used as a filter when creating dynamic groups.

Pushing for Quests
The game now allows to specifically configure push notifications for Tribe Quests.


English please!
We fixed an issue which could lead to some quest texts showing up in a different language.

Previous patches

As mentioned before we would also like to inform you about some additional, smaller changes which wee already added in previous releases:

Stronghold Simulation
It is now possible to import data from stronghold commands into the simulator. The simulator can now also handle both valor and moral.

Bonus transfer
Permanent bonuses are now being kept if the village is transferred to a casual world.

Noble times
When not enough resources are available to build a nobleman the game will now display the same (and correct) remaining time everywhere.


If you want to share your feedback with us, you can do so in this thread

The Tribal Wars Team