Congratulations to XpRd on winning UK13


Why thank you Maxine, I almost blushed there. FIGHT MEHHH.

At one point when help where still rather active, Maxine, Joby, D1 and Chris all requested us join them and at that point I had stated that I would stay loyal to the tribe that kicked me.

Just so you know, cheetah wasn't aware of what was happening. Simon I am not sure, andy knew full well - oooh yeah, I nobled your claim, suck it. - and haph the hag knew about it too. A few others were probably aware, but I guess we will never find out.

Just wish I came to my senses sooner, Simon was bitching about beer slayer to me (yeah, me, what's with that?) and said how he wanted to boot him and have him internalled as he was a noob, but apparently, they weren't even man enough to do that.


Won't say I didn't warn ya Dan! :) called it a long time ago.


as a player who was here from the beginning of this world (and have played a few ;)) .) wot an absoulty DIRTY action was taken by HAP against Steam , you must have been thinking of doing that for days and days ;((

i hope i find a few of you guys in future worlds lol as you were never that good ??

the 14 hour attack range at the beginning of this world BORED THAT MANY GOOD PLAYERS TO DEATH THEY QUIT ?? as it was to slow ?

i just stayed to annoy peeps and that worked quite well ;))

AND WOT REALLY REALLY PISSES ME OFF THE MOST is you won the world after kicking STEAM ? that must have brought the %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% down ??

basically you guys won by default because a MOD decided it was time to shut the world down after two years of play , not by how you all played it ;(( (and heard you all to new worlds for more money buying PP ))



It's good to see a post from someone who played the world where the same expression of disgust is displayed as some outsiders against how xprd played it. But really, what does it matter now? I was booted because quite frankly, they couldn't handle me. The only way that I can read that is a complimentary way.

xprd had 82% dominance without me, the winning requirements at the end was set to 84% dominance although it is more than likely set to 80% when you click on to world 13 on the forums. So as to the rule that was set, it was broken. However, the poll was set to say 80% initially, so that would be why. I guess it's how the mods like to rule the game, refuse to give the 300pp to me for being a part of the winning tribe, but not revise the rule that 84% dominance was the winning condition.


What happened when you tried to take on joby again? Oh yeah, you gained 2 villages 1 of which he nobled back. With all of those inbound attacks. Hats off to you, you pull off an op extremely well!

Oh yes we are some very sexy piece of work aren't we Maxine:icon_cool: