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Off topic comments get deleted, thereby making less posts on the externals, making them less active :eek:
Just wait, it gets better. Deleted by the forum moderators :eek:
I know, why wouldnt they want us to post...Is there something that we arent seeing!!! (enter dramatic music)

I'm pretty much making this thread, so you can say anything (that abide by the rules :p) that wont get deleted...Ruining all the last bits of fun in the externals.

Like rating the top 10 is fun (or something) but discussing it, is a bad thing???
Maybe the externals should die just like the game (savage, dont really mean it)

Was actually interesting for once, that there was something to read on here.
(side note:This isnt a "dig" at violet by the way, just happens that this world is most active atm, maybe that because violet is doing a good job/following the rules, who knows...)


I let it slide for a long time, but even my patience has a limit! I don't get why it's so hard for people to start a new topic.

In 3 years time when Clemmo leaves another tribe and you want to point out he's a repeat offender good luck finding the proof when it's hidden in a top 10 tribe thread!