Defenders of the Inner Castle


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Wandering bandits have infiltrated our village in the night and are now storming our cellars beneath the castle! Send your elite guards into the depths below to stop the bandits and secure the Stolen Goods!

Event starts : 14:00 on 2021-10-06

Event ends : 14:00 on 2021-10-20

"Defenders of the inner castle" is a dungeon crawler event. The players explore a map, by opening up one field after another, making their way through the dungeon rooms. They have to find the exit of each floor, and fight enemies and collect items and stolen goods, the event currency, along the way.

Each enemy and level will reward the player with stolen goods, which can be used to buy items from the event shop.

If the player is defeated, they will have to start from the first level again - but will keep the collected event currency. This adds the feel of a Roguelike adventure to the event.

The Event screen

The Event screen will show:

  • The event description and icon
  • Link to the event shop
  • Amount of finished activity quests
  • Amount of overall Stolen Goods collected
  • Amount of Stolen Goods collected during the current level
  • Start button to start a new run (only available when the player is defeated or not started a run)
  • The map
  • The player stats
  • the enemy stats
  • "Abandon" button
  • Event rankings
The Map

The map consists of several tiles (5x5).
The tiles can have the following status: "Available" (can be visited from the player's location), "unavailable" (can not be reached currently), "blocked" (blocked by at least one enemy). If the player defeats the enemy, the title becomes available. Each visited tile will make the adjacent tiles available (in straight lines, diagonally neighbored tiles are still covered).

Tiles can have the following content:

  • empty tile
  • item to increase health - can be collected by clicking on it
  • item to increase damage - can be collected by clicking on it
  • exit to the next level - moves the player to the next level + EC reward (value depending on the map level)
  • enemy/enemies
After a map is finished, the player will then move to the next map level. The higher the level, the more difficult the enemies will be - they will have more HP and deal more damage.

Enemies only attack if the player attacks first - uncovering an enemy does not count as attacking them. To finish a map, it is required to defeat all enemies.
Uncovering an enemy will block all adjacent and not visited tiles. By defeating the enemy, the tiles will unlock again, except there is another enemy still blocking the tiles.

Fighting an enemy:

  • The player attacks first and deals damage first. An enemy might be defeated before he can attack the player.
  • The player has a chance to evade incoming attacks.
  • Damage will be dealt by a random number within the attack range. The damage dealt will be removed from the opponents health directly. If the enemy's health reaches 0, he is defeated. If the player's health reaches 0, he is defeated and his run progress is reset. He will keep all collected EC and will start from map 1 again.

The Guards / Player Stats

  • The player can see their own stats on the bottom left of the event screen
  • Stats:
    • min/max damage the player can deal
    • current health points
    • current evasion chance
  • The "Heal" button adds some health for pp

The Enemy Stats

  • The player can see the current stats for all enemies on the bottom right of the event screen
  • Stats:
    • min/max damage
      • depends on the current amount of uncovered enemies and map level
      • The more enemies are uncovered and the higher the map level, the higher the damage
      • If the damage is increased, the red arrow will show
  • The health points for each enemy will be visible on top of the enemy icon
  • "Reveal" premium button: Will reveal 2 randomly selected enemies and mark them on the map.
    • If only one enemy is left within the level, it will still be usable and cost the same
    • If no more enemies are left within the level, the button is greyed out
Defeating an enemy will reward the player with EC, after he completes the current level

Event Energy/Guards:

  • Each event day the player gets 5 additional guards,
    • all at once
    • if the player still has some energy left, the storage is just filled to the max. (it won't be overfilled)
  • if the player doesn't have any energy left he can buy additional energy with premium
    • The player can buy more energy by clicking the + icon

Abandoning a run:

The player can, at all times during a run, abandon his progress. This will instantly reset their current progress and restart the event at level 1. The player will, however, keep all the collected event currency, and the evade chance will be increased. This might be useful if a run becomes simply too difficult to continue, and the player will have a better chance of improving on the next run due to the higher evade chance.

The event includes two event rankings. Both will reward the player with additional EC, depending on their rank. These additional EC are not changed or reset by abandoning or losing against enemies. The player will be added into the ranking if they finish a level.

  • Daily Ranking: Cleared maps - total daily count of finished, complete maps
  • Daily Ranking: Highest level - the highest, finished map level

You can also complete activity quests, by progressing certain numbers of maps on your way through the dungeons.

We hope you enjoy our new event! Be sure to leave your feedback HERE.


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