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Discussion in 'UK9 Ye Olde Tavern' started by YallGotPwned, Jun 25, 2011.

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  1. YallGotPwned

    YallGotPwned Guest

    Hm. Pretty simple thread. Want to know how long people class as start-up.

    First week? First month? First year? First noble? 1000 Points? 10000 Points? 100000 Points? Lots of opinions out there. I want to know yours :)
  2. ??anon??

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    Jun 24, 2009
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    Hope you don't mind but im going to dump this in the tavern as its not only linked to W9.

    Il leave a link for a day so people can still follow it.
  3. I'd say that depends on when your opinion of startup ends and early game begins. Startup for me is your first village, and early game goes to 100k points.
  4. onetruth

    onetruth Guest

    Start-up is until you go for a second village.
    Middle-game begins when you start giving villages tactical roles, so when you have maybe 5 villages. When you start planning in terms of clusters.

    That's how I think of it, anyway. My duke defines "the first stage" of a world as up until the point more than half of our tribe has been rimmed at least once. :D
  5. i would also say second village
  6. BangersNMash

    BangersNMash Guest

    i'd say the first 5 villages or so, up to about 20-30k points. then early/mid game up to about 250k, mid up to about 2m then late game from then on
  7. The point at which the rest of my tribe quits...
  8. Underwater

    Underwater Guest

    I consider startup to be anything upto 10 villages.
  9. Queen of Hearts

    Queen of Hearts Member

    Oct 19, 2009
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    3-5 villages.
  10. Mancunia

    Mancunia Well-Known Member

    Nov 9, 2009
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    And there's your answer...

    Or for me, start up ends when I get rimmed...
  11. Once you're post-nobles start-up ends for the most part, once you're nobling it's more 'early-game' than start-up.
  12. Ballerond

    Ballerond Member

    Jun 13, 2011
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    I believe the topic has been covered by all the previous posts, but what I would like to add is that start-up actually ends when all you do is train troops in your village and stop building. Because until then, you have to manage both HQ building/troop training equally and get a successful growth. After the majority of your villages have maxed out in points, then mid-late game starts cause then you only care about attacking/nobling/defending and war tactics.
  13. BusinessTime

    BusinessTime Guest

    O i c T&C you not banned anymore! Grats. I actually pretty much agree with Dan its more like start-up, early, mid, late, early starting when you have two villages, early up to couple hundred K mid to like 2mil then late past
  14. Triumphant1

    Triumphant1 Guest

    The start up period for me is the point before you are able to nicely balance all production. ie wait for your troops to return to quickly resend on another farm run.
    This can depend on many outside forces as well no farms or not enough, skirmishes even full scale wars,

    I would then class the next stage as early game play picking what path you are going to take.

    As for troop production building work & farming well it never really stops you just get lazy.
  15. Nauzhror

    Nauzhror Well-Known Member

    Jun 4, 2009
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    Startup ends when good players become invulnerable.
  16. Triumphant1

    Triumphant1 Guest

    That's a good slant on things if we are on about a one on one then maybe you could reach that point.
    However with a tribe working well no one player is ever invulnerable.
  17. 'Cause I'm always right.
  18. The one

    The one Guest

    Idk, Ive never had a major loss in mid-late game on any account, and I have been ranked 1 ODD in numerous worlds, no support. I play 80% D though.