DOGS vs Honey!!!

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Honey are now loosing so bad they are nobleing barbs like they are going out of fashion and begging to get into tribes which dogs are allied to just so they can save their own skins
what members are begging to get in to other tribes?


think you need to ask your tribemates but in your favour your name does not appear on the list that have asked to join


your tribe is now clearly falling apart does it really matter to you ??


Explain falling apart?
How can you explain something which clearly has meaning within it's context1!?!

Terms that should be used for Honey players: Demoralised, Disintegrated and Overrun.

Terms that should be used for Honey villages: Liberated, Enlightened and Contented.

master cj

yeah yeah old new, dogs know we have had a spy for a while and its being delt with.
even tho we had/have a spy passing on god knows what info we are still doing very well against honey so what difference does it make whos got what spys, carry on, it evidently isnt slowing us down, look at the stats for your proof.

oh and personally i think spys is part of tribal life unfortunatly, just part of the game doesnt bother me really, they always get found and rimmed in the end.

as for go spys, well there has been no evidence of that presented to me personally, just others who are evidently concerned, feel threatened possibly? with pur allaince trying to split it up.

how sad people feel the need to go down that route rather than face to face.
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actually what was said was there are active players in go including a go council member passing information to honey tbh i dont think they considered blazi a spy

now i do not believe this for one moment and as there still is no concrete evidence forthcoming i would have to presume the perpetrator of this nonsense is doing nothing more than taking a cheep shot at what will be the greatest alliances tribal wars has seen for a while .

hey sonny you going to run away from the nferno account when that starts loosing ???
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people spying is all part of the game for some players

saps,spys,intel are just away to try and get a tribe ahead of the game.

all I will say is any tribe or council person who has ever sat someoen else from another tribe will all have looked at there forum. its human nature.

I don't like them and think some will sell there soul so they don't get attacked but normally they are easy to find as they get stupid.

tempest55 aka TB505


see Honey disbanded this morning and (gasps) they have mostly joined DOGS or the very brave fellows at GO. Now as this involves refugees on an epic scale I look forward to the (brave) declaration from GO who have (bravely) been stacking Honey members for some time.

Oh my!