Full tribes already :o

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So logged on 34 today just for a peep, proly start properly in couple of days, fassionbly late n all that.

n i see's loads of tribes all full of peeps, n thought, fools cant have found 25 world winning rank topping members already.

but ive been wrong before, so research i did.

So at the current top of the rankings,

we has...


Who immediatly lose points for being a family, more so a family on a non outside supporting world... logic???

Seems to be actualy quiet a large contigent from the w29 worldwinning tribe by the same name
alot of these ive never heard of but a few names stick out as being memorable such as Mixcoatl-Camaxtli,Astraycat,Tasty Tattie (hopefully for good reasons)

The main tribe is almost wholy set in k45 with a few exception, the second tribe is mostly k45 also however much more spread around with many outliers.

The timing works out as 34 is the newest world to open since 29's completion so could seemingly be business as usual on to the next win.
Be intresting to watch for sure.


Its early days but im sure everyone on 34 who is assosiated with 33 is praying no more merge to win.

From looking at the member roster seems to be a decent contingent from the w28 world winning tribe by the same name, along with some of thier usual start up peeps.

Alot of these players call speed home so its probably fair to assume some are tactically able, though tw these days who knows lol. do see a few names that stand out like
Grizzly nr.1,Cammmy.,Pulgosas and Girlfriend, pretty sure they not bad at tw related tasks lol, but lets not forget Panicoss, every tribe needs atleats one guy who just plain takes the piss when it comes to pp abuse right...right?

Slap makes its home in 45, i believe this also thier usual start position as on previous worlds, intrestingly unlike OLD, these guys seem to have a tighter start date window, looks like no prereg happened and most started on day 1 within hours of eachother.

Now i know its not just me who hates to multi world, so i wonder if majority of slap are gunna focus on 33 or 34, or you could argue, if your prepared to recruit the entire world under your banner, no reason to not multi world right.

if they hang around and use troops instead of hugging, think it could make w34 very intresting with 2x previous world winners in neighbouring k's, time will tell.


Looks like a tribe full of previous world winners, but not as the group they are on w34.

Im unsure if this tribe is a premade like the ones above, as they have the most challanging spread yet, they hold alot of the centre in all 4 k's and have a contigent deeper in k45, early slap conflict(or recruitment :x )

im sure some are under random allias's, but can spot some well known players like Gwennie the Welsh, Finalfantasy, ukrevenge, dannyjones78, intresting span of players here, going as far back as w1 winners, to impending w30 winners, if thier position was less dire they in my opinion look the strongest of the top 5, though it is day 2 :D

I was gunna do more, but either ppl be alias hidden, or im just out of touch with who is whom in tw anymore, its has been a while lol, either way, i feel these 3 will be around for a bit, and hopefully have some worth additions crawl out of nowhere.


has Linukas passed away???
We all know this thread is premature maybe gf is right :/
AAAAND, where is the w23 forums, am i just blind? has anyone else noticed lol?



Nice summary, I figured there are a lot of aliases too, in fact I'd assumed you were one of them.


PIPSDAD!, long time no see lol.

im not on the world yet, though i might start under usual name, the instilling of feer into pp noobs is well worth the attention :p