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Discussion in 'Market Square Discussions' started by Funk, Jun 7, 2013.

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  1. Funk

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    Hi everyone – I’m looking for a little feedback from some of you young guys if you have any free time.

    Basically myself and a friend have made a health and fitness site for teenagers, we have literally just bashed it together in the last week so it’s by no means finished, but we want to know how it can be improved and if there needs to be more focus on certain areas/ideas.

    Background wise I have a sports science degree and a masters in sport and exercise psychology, I've been a personal trainer for the last 5+ years and done a bit of fitness modelling as well. My friend co-owns a fitness center (he’s also a PT) and is an Optimum Nutrition sponsored athlete, so between us we have a few ideas on health and fitness.

    I’m 27 and when I was at school I wasn't educated at all on exercise and nutrition, consequently I was a pretty chubby teenager. I was amazed recently when training a 17 year old that he still really didn't know any of the facts regarding exercise or nutrition – I checked around online to see if there was much information available geared to young people but amazingly I couldn't really find any.

    So I decided to make a site – it’s free and we don’t intend to try and make any money from it, we just want to have a resource for young people (a health and fitness community where you guys can ask any questions you have ) and hopefully continue to progress our own knowledge in this area.

    The site is

    Sorry this was a bit long and thanks for reading if you did, any feedback would be awesome.

  2. BusinessTime

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    Way too many overweight/obese kids... some of those statistics are actually ridiculous (not saying they are wrong, but over half of adults being classed as overweight is actually insane).

    I like the website in general, but maybe showcase the Motivation section a bit more or something. If your main aim is trying to tackle this awful problem, then I think that's the section that really needs to be pushed as it gives practicality and realism to it all. Also maybe suggest an exercise plan to those who are just getting into exercising, and perhaps need to. I know you've said find something you enjoy doing and can do it with friends etc., but realistically quite a lot of people with weight issues aren't into sports that much. They are often in to computer games, along with their friends, so it can be hard to find friends to do exercise with. I'm not saying that was wrong to say, I'm just saying in practice it can be quite hard to actual implement. So it could be good just to see a base jogging plan, or something, that they can try and follow and build up with, instead of having to ask on the forums (though I love the interaction and may ask you for some advice for bulking when my current attempts fail miserably). Try not to push gym too hard on these kind of guys as well, I know you haven't really, but I'm just saying:
    -It's hard to muster courage up to sign up for gym and go regularly as you can feel all too judged in there
    -It costs a lot of money, when you can exercise for free

    To be honest though it's a really good website and glad to see people doing stuff about it. I'm sure you've already thought about everything I've said as you went through it, but just some thoughts.
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