InnoGames is proud to present: Rise of the Paladins!

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For many years, our loyal paladin has been the most iconic figure in Tribal Wars. However, his gear was getting kind of rusty and he started complaining about all the overtime. So we cast his weapons into the bonfire, broadened his career perspectives, and invited some of his friends to join the party!

InnoGames is proud to present: Rise of the Paladins!

This new paladin system is all about options. Not only will you be able to recruit up to ten paladins, but you will also be able to level them up and specialize them for your needs on the battlefield and in your village!

Recruiting Paladins

With this update you will be able to recruit up to ten paladins to do your bidding. As usual you will be able to recruit your first paladin in your starting village. After that a certain amount of villages is required to recruit more paladins.

The amount of villages required to gain an additional paladin are as follows: 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 35, 50, 65, 80, 100.

Training Paladins

Gaining experience is easy, but it's important to choose wisely how you go about doing this. In fact, there are several ways for your paladins to gain experience points (often simply called XP)! These possibilities are grouped in four main categories: Combat, Support, Construction and Training. Simply letting your paladin sit in your village, soaking up all that building experience, might sound like the best way to go at first. However, as the game progresses and your paladin increases in level, you will soon find that he is needed elsewhere.

[TR1][TD]XP is earned for a single paladin each time it attacks or defends a village. Your paladin will not lose his current experience points or learned skills even if he dies valiantly on the battlefield.

If your paladin leads an attack upon a village or commands the defending forces the amount of XP earned depends on the type and number of enemies defeated. Your paladin will not gain any experience by defending against your own attacks or attacking your own villages.[/TD][TD]A paladin can gain experience by supporting other players' villages, either just by himself or by leading an army. The amount of experience gained depends on the time spent supporting , the total amount of your own troops at the supported village, and the amount of attacking troops defeated there. This means that your paladin will also gained experience when supporting a village, even if nobody dares to attack it. Experience is granted on a daily basis, when your paladin battles, and when the amount of your support changes.

Your paladin will not gain any experience by defending against your own attacks.

The paladin will also not gain XP if a building is finished in the supported village, since he is commanding the supporting troops and not overseeing the construction.[/TD][TD]If the paladin is in the village during the whole building process, from start to finish, he will gain experience points for overseeing the constructions. The amount of XP depends on the resource costs of the building. A paladin that is supporting a village cannot oversee the construction and therefore does not gain experience points this way.[/TD][TD]The paladin must be at home with a statue to start training. During his training the paladin is unavailable for other tasks. Training requires resources to provide the equipment needed to train the paladin adequately. Canceling training returns 90% of the resource costs.

If his village is conquered while he is training, he dies. When a paladin dies, his training is canceled and no experience points will be gained from it.[/TD][/TR1]

Skill Books

So, now that you know how your paladins gain experience points, let us show you what you will get for them!

When reaching a certain amount of experience points the paladin gains a level. Each time a paladin levels up he earns a skill book. Skill books are used to advance a paladin through the skill tree. These books are granted at random, and fall within three main skill sets: Village, Defense, and Offense. Each of you paladins will be able to progress up until level 30, which means that none of them will be able to master all the skills. So choose wisely!

While attacking with the paladin, boost accompanied axemen's strength.
While attacking with the paladin, boost accompanied light cavalry's strength.
While attacking with the paladin, accompanied catapults do more damage to buildings.
While attacking with the paladin, accompanied rams are more effective against the wall.
Improve resource production in the paladin's stationed village.
Construct buildings faster in the paladin's stationed village.
Recruit units faster in the paladin's stationed village.
Improve effectiveness of noblemen attacks from the paladin's stationed village. (The paladin must be in the attacking village when the attack arrives, not with the attacking army.)
DefenseSwordplay.Phalanx.Fortification.Boiling oil.
Improve the defense of swordsmen at the paladin's stationed village.
Improve the defense of spear fighters at the paladin's stationed village.
Buildings are less vulnerable to siege weapons at the paladin's stationed village.
Improve the effectiveness of the Wall at the paladin's stationed village.

Skill books will be added to your inventory where they can be applied to any eligible paladin. So your paladin must meet the necessary requirements in order to learn or improve on skills, even if you already have the book! If your paladin meets the requirements, you can consume skill books from your inventory or directly on the Paladin Overview screen. A flashing skill icon indicates that the selected paladin meets all of the requirements to consume a skill book.

We hope you like this new system and will make good use of your new and improved paladins. We wish you good fortune for the battles ahead! If you have any questions or comments, make sure to let us know in the thread linked below. We are looking forward to your feedback!

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