Is a contest allowed inside a tribe

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We wanted to have some more fun in the tribe, so was about to launch a contest where 1 place got a gift (Premium Account) and 2 place got gift Loot Assistant.
But someone told me giving out Premium Account is against the some rule?
I search around the forum and can't find any thread about this, can someone help me out here, is it allowed or not ?


It isn't against the rules but you should put in any mail/forum post that the prize of the PA or LA is not guaranteed and that Innogames will not step in/mediate/endorse or even approve of this. Any deal with premium be it a trade or a gift or a prize is entirely up to you and if you (or whoever is giving away the prize) decides to not go ahead then there is no redress with Innogames.

You should be ok to run this contest without lawyers present though in today's world am not so sure! Oh and let us know what the competition is too!


I did ofc buy PP first and do ofc hand over the price.
I giv out LA form time to time anyway, so we talked about it and wanted to do something more out of it.
Got 2 on my mind, one is a guss a song
And the other activity contest.
Thanks for your reply.


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It depends on the nature of the contest.

Giving people premium or loot assistant is allowed. But giving it in exchange for services isn't in some cases, so what the goal of the contest is matters more than what the prize is.
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