K55 just got a bit more interesting



TW!ST Villages
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Upon writing this in the last 24 hours you have taken 4 Barbs and an Internal. You have lost 5 villages. We want in before all is gone.

Rim us
Kind or

I assume thats what your members are saying as more and more leave. We don't like this, the skirmishing between us has gone on long enough, so to quote you... we want to STRIKE. But don't get your knickers in a TW!ST is not like you didn't expect it. Taking them off before we rim you though would help speed this process along. We hope you've been expecting this and before your other decent members leave, you will give us a good fight. We want your red dots to turn dark, not light blue through troops and not mails.

Some say this declaration was too short (The war wont last long either). Some say it lacks real effort and thought (Like when Mahooha opens his mouth). And some say its bad (I have one hand so go cry a river). All we know is TW!ST are going to war with STRIKE (And Farms is Emo)

And on that not so big (Insert generic Monkey Nova's equipment joke) bombshell, see you when its over.

Yours sincerely TW!ST

On another note...

So it has come to our attention that even though in the past 2 days we have taken 4 villages off you, you still scream NAP NAP!

Unlike you we do not NAP on this game we stay awake and get hungry, hungry for more villages and barbs to farm. But recently our farms have been disappearing, in the last 10 days you've taken 11 away from us and given them pretty names! We are going to take them back fulfill our hunger and give them numbers.

Then you can have your NAP and sleep well knowing your villages are now in safe hands.
We are also warring KoL. Didn't deserve their own post. And the stats currently sit at us averaging 3 villages a day that we are taking off them, without reply. Good warring all. Doing our bit to make W14 an enjoyable place :D
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You're very welcome... We all knew it was coming anyway.

Happy hunting.

Farms 4 Us

Here we go again
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So what's happening with this then?
I can't say I'm too bothered either way but you can't start this thread then leave us all guessing.


Started the thread, took a few of their villages then situations changed, war ended due to both tribes disbanding.