Late game scavenging strategy


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Just looking for some advice on late game scavenging, as I can't help feel I'm not maximising its potential.

I'm playing on another server where I am seventh in the world and on the side which will eventually win the world. We have already met the win conditions but deliberately split out the tribe into a series of family tribes in order to completely eliminate the enemy before reuniting to meet the win conditions again.

As it's late game there is a really limited supply of barbs - I am farming every barb in the eastern hemisphere multiple times a day and winning looter and plunderer every day. However, i have lots of troops sitting idle on days when I'm not running an op, and despite the fact i'm using the mass scaveniging script, I'm not sure I'm using it as effictevely as i could be.

Does anyone have a guide for using scavenging in the most efficient way?