magic roundabouts


..well things have changed on w14 , or have they ?
the magic roundabout of tribes has been spinning a bit.

Departed who were number one , split with some going to Bunnies , some forming CA and others merging with WGM

WGM after the merger became number one tribe , and looked on paper like world winners , but then split into 3 tribes .

Bunnies are now number one due to some determined play in the face of others internal tribal issues .

WGM are now back in the game , but dominated by Departed members .

I have lost track a bit on who has declared war on whom . sorry . I think Bunnies have declared on CA and CA have declared on baby Bunnies . Don't have much of idea on the rest .

To be honest, the world needed a shake up . It seemed to be a world where merging was deemed a shortcut to success . It has not turned out that way .

Being number one in this world is like a poisoned chalice :) or there is a lot of grease on the pedestal and its hard to stay up .

I will try and do a tribal review in next few days when the dust settles down a bit . Any updates of who is fighting who would be gratefully received


(BB) and there acad tribe are barb munching 1.5k vils like its going out of fashion, not to mention all the internals. Such pro's :icon_rolleyes:


Point me to a tribe that isn't doing internals, what a stupid comment.


WGM, C.A, Def, Jaffa.... wait a sec... thats all of them but you guys (facepalm)

Like how you chose to ignore the part about nobling every barb on the world, guess you cant defend that


I don't see a need to defend the barb nobling, why should I? It's a valid part of mid game tactics. The fact you find it such an issue would suggest to me you have no idea how this game works past start up.

I'm confused about your point regarding internals, are you suggesting BB is the only tribe with people who quit? or is there a better way to deal with the villages of people who do?

I really can't be bothered to go too far into the stats so having just looked at todays enoblements and only picking one example for each we have:

Dragons Wrath (456|535) K54 9,735 Red.Dragon [Def] Celestial1 [Def] 2013-05-19 - 17:52:54
Bonus bonus village (383|438) K43 3,462 Pointy Stick [Jaffa] rockape95 [Jaffa] 2013-05-19 - 11:30:26
107 {RUTHLESS} (438|509) K54 9,200 homepage [WGM] Boots [WGM] 2013-05-19 - 11:08:57

WGM, Def and Jaffa internalling. C.A you are right don't have internals (yet) however you do have these

034 Stronger (568|525) K55 1,524 Barbarian Lady Kali [C.A.] 2013-05-19 - 17:42:40
032 No White Flag (567|532) K55 1,526 Barbarian Lady Kali [C.A.] 2013-05-19 - 13:24:22
031 Thalia (570|529) K55 1,534 Barbarian Lady Kali [C.A.] 2013-05-19 - 10:30:19
030 Spike (571|528) K55 1,625 Barbarian Lady Kali [C.A.] 2013-05-18 - 21:23:15
025-K46 (618|415) K46 1,555 Barbarian Rashuna [C.A.] 2013-05-18 - 14:35:25
024-K46 (594|423) K45 1,509 Barbarian Rashuna [C.A.] 2013-05-18 - 13:07:41
026 Sookie (567|527) K55 1,571 Barbarian Lady Kali [C.A.] 2013-05-18 - 10:35:54
025 Lori (569|528) K55 1,613 Barbarian Lady Kali [C.A.] 2013-05-17 - 21:27:38
Harlem shake (659|464) K46 1,308 Barbarian mcnipples [C.A.] 2013-05-17 - 19:10:54
006 Valkyrie (568|528) K55 1,532 Barbarian Lady Kali [C.A.] 2013-05-17 - 12:43:06
075 Live Forever (539|510) K55 1,518 Barbarian billo74 [C.A.] 2013-05-10 - 16:45:55
Bonus village (610|408) K46 1,521 Barbarian rixy92 [C.A.] 2013-05-09 - 19:33:34
Zenn-La (612|497) K46 1,526 Barbarian Dredd [C.A.] 2013-05-09 - 18:37:44
Village of the Damned (612|496) K46 1,542 Barbarian Dredd [C.A.] 2013-05-09 - 17:30:02

So in summary I've now proved all of your points are all completely stupid
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I'd like to add to the post above as I am told that Baz2012 is co-playing the Billo74 account...

The Billo74 account has 25 obvious internals among the 86 villages it owns, not to mention the Dogs villas taken after you departed Dptd which were probably gifted too, therefore over a third of that account was created from internals.

Not to mention the barb which was taken on the 10/05/2013

Makes your previous comments a little hypocritical like another member of your tribe who at this point I do not care to mention as she stated that joining you guys was for the good of B.B and the way she is gifting us her villages I am starting to believe it too.


24 of your villas were barbs or internals, impressive :), thats obviously including jaycees villas :)
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