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Hi all that time of year again
So please make your answers brief and to the point for each award

And the awards are

1, Most respect leader Past or Present

2, Most agressive Player

3, Best defender

4, most missed player ( a player no longer playing w5)

5, Most respected player (who is playing W5 now)

6, A player that you would have in your tribe ( if you could get them)

7, Tribe you tip to win World 5

Please be aware that this is your opinion, NOT a debate ok
If you want to talk about anything I'm sure I can start another topic of for that

Open from now until 24th Dec
Winner to be put up around the end of the year

Good luck to all and Merry Christmas to everyone



1, Apothesis (Apo/Fizel), These 2 together were awesome leaders, always had the tribe moving forward, took time to help new players learn the game. They lead by example and were always first to throw nukes when we had OPs, shame they had to step down has they had brought Alo so far, Luckily they picked a new leader who knew how to handle the beasts in Alo, and I would have to agree and say that there is no one better than Meeeee Fropp to do the job :icon_biggrin:

2, Got to be John (Ruffus) the guys got more nukes than villas and is not afraid to use them, glad we in the same tribe has he is one player that I would not like to have to defend against.

3, Anyone can defend or get there tribe to stack them so this is a hard one, but for me Markie B is in a league of his own when it comes to defending, he eats nukes for fun and with very little loss. I have seen a few OPs on him recently and was surprised at the little damage that had been done, for me the best player I have seen at moving his troops around (I know anyone can move troops but to do it effectively week after week, well thats different)

4, Got to be Johnoc81. Top guy and an awesome player, he just never stopped nuking and nobling and was growing at a rapid rate (think if he was still around he would be challenging Chris for that NO1 spot), always had time to help other members and was a great team player who is missed.

5, Another hard one has I have a lot of respect for a lot of players, not going to count Alo in this has its just for one member :icon_biggrin:

David (Salem Al Fayed) I am going to go with, Have had a few good conversations with him and we have always sorted any problems out quickly and hassle free (except for barbs, but luckily for us David thats not a problem anymore), top guy who I will always have time for :)

6, True Warrior, have never crossed paths with him but have heard good things from a few different people, so he would be my choice.

7, Sorry guys but it has to be Alo.


Ok never done this before so bare with me....

1,This has to be jessiecat and Salem Al Fayed for they have taken cruz from a small rim tribe,to one of the major tribes on world 5,and we are still here when other tribes have failed and are still fighting..

2,This i would say templar.he always has nukes and always attacks lol..

3,On this one i'm going to say it has to be matt&gav who played the silk account great at defending and could always snipe a tight train,top blokes as well..

4,Again i'm going for matt & gav from the silk account great players and always had time to have a chat even tho we were enemies..

5,I,m going to say markieB TOTAL RESPECT to him for the way he playes,and for all the help given to balitman when he had a heart attack,and has made sure alo do not attck real nice touch Thanks Alo...

6,ruffus nice bloke and playes the game the right way..

7,By the looks of things being honest Alo but we at cuz will go down fighting...


1, Most respect leader Past or Present

- This one has to be Taylor and Fropp. I respect these guys and they're some of the players I trust the most in this game. I reckon this is because of the effort and time they've put into the greater cause of our tribe. I guess I'm only supposed to mention one person here but leaving out one seems unfair to me - perhaps they get ½ a vote each? :icon_razz:

2, Most agressive Player
- I've primarily received attacks from CRUZ players during my time on this world so I don't really know who to pick here. Someone has to get my vote though so will drop it at Ruffus who I believe is obsessed with nuking.

3, Best defender
- I've seen some great defenders on this world. Deciding who's best is a tough one though - I'm voting the players from the silk account on this one despite never really having attacked them myself.

4, most missed player ( a player no longer playing w5)
- Johnoc81 .. all of a sudden he just disappeared :(

5, Most respected player (who is playing W5 now)
- It seems obvious to me that Ibilis should get this one. Simply put he is the fastest growing player, a great friend and incredibly loyal. Decent defender and attacker too :icon_cool: Respect!

6, A player that you would have in your tribe ( if you could get them)
- tough one. I would choose True Warrior.

7, Tribe you tip to win World 5

- My bet is ALO


Just popped in to see how everyones been keeping, may as well do one of these while im here :)

Most respected leader

Gonna go with Ruffus and Markie here, they held Hmmm? together for so long despite the inactivity + big players quitting so fair play. If i can only pick one then I would have to go with Mark, simply because it seemed to me he put more time into the leadership than Ruffus [Who was leading another tribe or 2 at the time :)]. And Ruffus, I dont mean that in a bad way.

Most agressive Player

Ruffus wins this one for me, still top of the ODA chart by miles and was never one to have a nuke sitting around idly.

Best defender

Taylor by far was the best defender I've ever played against, couldnt make even one tiny mistake (i.e. nukes, nobles + support all landing on the same second) or else there was no hope of getting the village. And this was against an account he was sitting.

Most missed player

taras/beo.wulf :(. SLAP! ran K56 back in the day.

Most respected player

Off the top of my head, cant think of anyone to put in that I havent already mentioned, ill edit someone in when i think of it. But fairplay to ibllis for putting all that time and effort into growing that much.

EDIT: Rob, my old co, cant believe I forgot to mention him :( Took the J3 account from a lonely rimside cluster to second in the world.

A player that you would have in your tribe

I dont have a tribe :( but ibillis for his pts.

Tribe you tip to win World 5

ALO definently :)

EDIT: Put in most respected player
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1, Most respect leader Past or Present

This has to be Salem Al Fayed for getting us where we are now or Ruffus -he held Hmmm? together for long time

2, Most agressive Player

I would say templar.

3, Best defender

from my experience - markieB

4, most missed player ( a player no longer playing w5)


5, Most respected player (who is playing W5 now)

markieB - for understanding and all the help he gave to balitman...Respect

6, A player that you would have in your tribe ( if you could get them)

I would choose - ruffus

7, Tribe you tip to win World 5

to be honest - ALO


Hmmm.... this is quite difficult, because I dont want to nominate players I am close to and respect the most - players in Hmmm? particularly because of the bond we developed over the long period we were together and fought so hard. I will therefore nominate (where possible) "enemies" - I feel that is the better approach to this forum:

Most Respected Leader

1. David (Fayed) CRUZ - for holding a tribe together under severe pressure - I know the feeling - it is not easy.

Most Agressive Player

2. Ruffus - (I know what I said above but there is no one close lol)

Best Defensive Player

3. Jenada (not longer playing) - incredible job defending against Ruffus and me combined for months on end. Although special mention to Gav/Matt (SilkGPN) for just making entire tribes look silly trying to take villas from them when they were completely surrounded).

Most Missed Player

4. God Helldog - Fearsome - my mate and my inspiration.

Most Respected Player

5. Many spring to mind - but at this moment - Templar - The guy doesnt give up - keep fighting bud.

Player you want on your side

6. True Warrior - we have not really crossed swords - but I have sat accounts he has attacked - nice.

Tribe to win the world

7. ALO - its not a tip, its a fact I'm afraid.. and I think everyone now knows this..

Having said that, the world has a long way to go - big players - you cant just plough through multi-million pt accounts in a day - lots left to still happen. Enjoy the game and Merry Christmas to all...



Most Respected Leader saf david he is all understanding and good words

Most Agressive Player not sure with this most players i have had attack me are quite average as far as i can see (i include myself in that) but taylor2730 impressed me

Best Defensive Player has to be silkgpn by far

Most Missed Player no one

Most Respected Player janus who has the 7of9 account he is a good all round player always helps out big time great bloke

Player you want on your side got to be markieb not only a good player but the biggest thorn in my side i have had for a long time :) anything for a quiet time

Tribe to win the world grrrrrr if we dont pull our fingers out alo


Most Respected Leader

It has to be my co-leader David (Salem al fayed), who has been at my side through thick and thin since we founded Cruz 18 months ago. All we have achieved would not have been possible without him. A patient and thoughtful leader and a great friend.
Honourable mentions have to go to Taylor of ALO and of course Ruffus.

Most Aggressive Player

There are a few but my vote goes to Mike (True Warrior), the Pitbull of Cruz. He never seems to run out of nukes which he sends in relentless waves at any enemy. My respect also to Ruffus and MarkieB for their aggression.

Best Defender

The best I've seen have been Matt and Gav of the SilkGPN account so they get my vote but others run them a close second, notably Apo and Zingy of ALO to mention just two.

Most Missed Player

Again, this has to go to Matt and Gav, who I miss both as respected players and as friends.
I will also miss my pal Zider when he goes, now that he has now rediscovered love in his life and is now frolicking with his new lady somewhere in the wilds of Somerset, I think. Have a scrumpy on me, pal.

Most Respected Player

That's a hard one, as I feel great respect for a number of players on this world. But if I'm limited to one I'd say the Templar account, both when it was originally played by Janis before he left us for awhile, and by keef13 who followed so successfully in his footsteps. A great account played by two great players. And now we have Janis back playing the 7of9 account so we can enjoy the best of both of them. Top guys.

A Player You Would Have in Your Tribe

Difficult to say as there are so many. Of our opponents I'd have to say Apotheosis, closely followed by Ibillis and Taylor. An honourable mention has to go to Gwennie the Welsh, a sweet lady who always brings a smile to my face whenever we speak. lol

Tribe to win W5

The odds favour ALO at the moment but you can bet on the fact that Cruz will still go on fighting until the end, whatever the outcome.
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1, Most respect leader Past or Present - markie b & ruffus

2, Most agressive Player - markie b

3, Best defender - markie b

4, most missed player ( a player no longer playing w5) - ninjaden

5, Most respected player (who is playing W5 now) - salem al fayed, my other half

6, A player that you would have in your tribe ( if you could get them) - markie b

7, Tribe you tip to win World 5 - ALO


Too late for this?? imma going to do it anyway :)

1, Most respect leader Past or Present

This is a tough one for me, ive had the pleasure of talking to and playing for most of the leaders of this world.. erm Ruffus, Markie B and Zider would be my top three but if i had to go for one it would probably be Markie B but its all very very close and on another day i'd choose one of the others :)

2, Most aggressive Player

Ruffus easily.. If Godhelldog was still playing there may have been competition but as it is Ruffus hands down

3, Best defender

Erm Markie B has defended with great determination and skill so would get my vote, also Taylor should get a mention although ive never come against him i have seen him at work and its very impressive.

4, most missed player ( a player no longer playing w5)

My Co Matt :( good times with him on our account.

5, Most respected player (who is playing W5 now)

I respect pretty much everyone (until shown otherwise) but the boys from w1 (you know who you are) always have my respect most, even though we seem to always be on opposite sides :)

6, A player that you would have in your tribe ( if you could get them)

Oh sooooo many of you :) Truewarrior, Jessiecat, Templar, Cambs, Celtic to name but a few... lets all just merge :p

7, Tribe you tip to win World 5

Alo but its never over until its erm.. over


alas Ruffus refused to give me a budget for vol au vents and champagne for the Uk5 end of year awards (or even add up on his own thread pfft)

Anyway please imagine some fantastic music from a slightly dated rock band, smoke from um a smoke machine and dazzling lights and Mr. Gervias as your host....

Ok (best to imagine some envelopes here too!) the winners are

Most Respected Leader (Past or Present)

Salem al Fayed

Most Aggressive Player


Best Defender

Silk Acc

Most Missed

Johnoc81 and the Silk Acc

Most Respected (still Playing)

Salem al Fayed, Markie B and Ibilis all tied

A Player You would have in your Tribe Award

True Warrior

Tribe you think will win


Now please see Ruffus for your medals and now I'd just like to thank.....!


Lol johnoc... As you see you were missed.. BUT lovely to have you back!!! :icon_biggrin:



............would have been nothing without Faustino/Scarecrow or whatever I used to call myself.

Awesome effort guys:)



Apo, there are a few of us still lurking about here, after a wee break, ;o)