New Worlds

man mountain

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When bringing out new worlds and the settings are being decided surely things are tested or tried out before putting it in place.

For example:

no outside support should have an equal rule of swapping tribes and not receiving support between 36-48hrs to reduce multiple family tribes from farming. then jumping from tribe to tribe to get support.

without having that in place you may as well just have the no outside support rule removed. it creates and unbalanced game, if for one reason or another a tribe has multiple sister/brother tribes to go with it.

What does the community think?


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this has come up a lot as I think almost everyone would like to see this happen, but afaik last time mods said it wasn’t an available option, they could only limit sending support, not receiving

Marcus the Mad

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It's unfortunate but this is true, we currently can only limit "sending" support, not receiving it.
There simply is no setting for it we can use.