ok this war will not interest too many bigger players but its going to be a good ol ding dong between the tribes .
But here is the story in slow motion for those interested in a bed time read

To the noble and esteemed warriors of New Horizon
Please kindly accept this invitation to war between us .
We have planned a fun Tw schedule for you . Hopefully it will involve
1. traditional villages burning and marshmallows round the bonfire.
2. fireworks display . lots of big BaNGS and SPLATS
3. big friendly parties of drunk axe men visiting your headquarters and quaffing ale . you provide the venues we provide the rave .
4. traditional Titan tribal fertility rights ceremonies to be performed on top of your village statues
5 Morris dancers and folk band from Somerset
6 Honourable nobles and dignitaries from Titans Tribe attending your villages to judge beauty contests and such like
dress code is informal . Banter and spamming is absolutely required . Whatever happens please join in the fun with us .
Yours faithfully
please RSVP to confirm attendance . we have spent a lot on caterers .

The background to this war concern double dealing and shifty behaviour by certain members of NH council .
TT and NH were negotiating a merger . Everyone knows that .
So our duke went to their duchess and said lets get married and then lets get jiggy together and have some tw fun
We were concerned about the reply
No we don't want to marry , they said . what we want is a shared noble planner and shared attack/support forums to see what you guys are up to
so we still tried to be positive and friendly like and discuss the issues
[ I have to say at this point , one of their council members Kung Wu , was a disrespectful toad . Shouting and flaming his way through our council members ]
we tried different tact . we asked them a question . simple question - who should we as a family tribe attack . we gave them options in no particular order -. we wanted to see how they would answer such a question
3 Barbs
4 no idea cos not much left around

They replied that they didn't want to attack anyone but they wanted to do a joint OP with us . Strange answer in TW world ?
whats point of a joint OP if you are not attacking anyone !

We then asked another simple question - what are NH aims and strategy ? do they have a plan or vision how the world is going ?

OK its obvious the world is going OLD v NEW . But still their answer was less than forthcoming . It took 7 pages of a joint council forum to get the answer . Pulling teeth out is more pleasurable

their reply was revealing . They said they were scared of OLD and OLD were barbing in their area , so they wanted to barb in our area .

Hang on , we said . lets read that again in slow motion .

We said , the game is TW . If OLD or anyone are barbing in your area you got to put your frock on and man up and fight otherwise you will lose your area . That's common sense . Nothing malicious directed to OLD . just looking at map and stuff .

Now the marriage we expected has taken a very different turn . They then call it a prenuptial agreement . We call it taking the wee wee . You don't want to marry us , there is no sex, no honeymoon , no beach and cocktails at sunset . Just you want to move into our yard and take over
Obviously we rejected this ridiculous offer . we were not getting anything out of it . But ally status remained as we hoped to discuss and resolve

that wasn't good enough for them . Kung Wu then deviously sends the ol midnight nobles and starts barbing in our 5 x 5s
we raise the matter and say , he was wrong to do it and wrong not to even inform us .
He continues to do so , even tho we raised it as issue .
The replies we got were supposed to be serious but just were comic . in spirit of goodwill we offered a settlement of the dispute . They rejected this and said - your not going to war over a barb and it was in their tactical interest to noble our barbs but clearly not in ours . As they were the bigger tribe so they found it ironic that we would dare to complain about it .
We reminded their duchess that they were not the bigger tribe . She got a bit steamed up and went off the forum [ hopefully to check the stats a bit better before talking nonsense ]
they also said we took refugees . something that we do not do . Just another pathetic lie
as the issue was barbing in our yards so we retook the villa and unfortunately killed Kungs stack inside the villa . Matter solved . We told them we would and it was his choice to vacate or sadly for him, not .

No , not really , this morning Kung in his wisdom attacks another member of our tribe , whilst still under ally status . Smooth move ! he cant even hold a barb with his 120k pts . why take something you cannot hold ? so now sneaky attack on our members who were allies at the time .

there is only one word to cover such conduct and duplicity - WAR

this is a perfect example of NH as an unbalanced tribe having to kiss up to their top pt player who clearly has his own agenda . Their council are scared of him . More scared of him to permit attacking us under Ally than scared of us !!


That just about sums it all up, bar one small thing.....They don't like banter

We did get to see a bit of a map once an to be fair it was coloured in quite well and.....a....yea like I said it was a pretty map indeed, don't know what else I can pitchin here :/


if you could use barbleing or barbling in future, instead of barbing, im trying to coin a phrase :D

death to the NH!, i think?


D1 , agreed - would you be content with Barbini ? or does that sound like a sandwich or cocktail ?.


I am loving the declaration - l thought those days were over, revive the old ways, thy make me

l have a front row seat, so will be watching avidly
and taking notes

Let the fighting commence.....
bugger it, l meant


or a subtle blend of a soft toy and a well known fashion doll :D


our tribe want this to be a fair fight between 2 - on paper - evenly matched tribes pts and villages and areas
like sugar ray leonard v marvin haggler . Punch for Punch . Like a mini version of OLD v NEW
OK maybe not that epic . sorry for exaggerations

so far our war correspondents embedded with the troops reports that a few scouts have been caught hopping over garden fence
The fireworks party will be later :)


lmao also
they came out of the gates full on charge . credit to them . Hit a player who suddenly quit day before when he saw attacks on his villas. Would have been nice if player had at least given a eas but didn't happen . no excuses fair caps . Happens in TW

on another front , its been a better story for TT . They chucked their kitchen sinks at us and lets just say there was good business in body bags retrieval after NB :)
TT members finally waking up to concept it is a fight . Good !
bloody dopey lot ;) [ including self ]


Anyone still playing tw in 2018 has to be a least a little dopey lol


it came in a flash of inspiration whilst holding bread knife

speading Barbutella on your toast every morning


barbutella sounds a bit marmitey, like either rancid or the best spread ever


artic north . very windy and snowy . you cant rim a rim tribe

anyone seen zie ?


for me being rimmed is being sent thier by someone else, no shame in just being a rimmer as it were :D


world is so small I don't call it in rim, more like being in the suburbs


Have T.T fell asleep?

I dont want to judge here, but it has to be a bit embarrassing making that big declaration, trash talk and external post just to get rekt.